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D'Espresso Coffee in New York

There is nothing wrong with this coffee shop.
It's perfect.
Look at it.
 First of all its got the "cool concept" down.
It looks like a tilted library.
Then it gets better...
The books are a sepia toned replica of library books on, not wallpaper, but TILE!
 Then the herringbone floors on the walls!
I like how the small space looks like it goes on and on. The counter helps this with its length.
 Then the long continuous bench, perfect round tables that mirror the lights, then the perfect ghost chairs that disappear and not make it look like too much furniture is crammed in the space.
 The design was done by Nemaworkshop in New York.
They do a bunch of cool stuff. Check out their website if you want.

Remember though, as my mom says, behind every great designer is the owner okay'ing it. So, congrats to the owners for okay'ing this. I heard they want to open many more of these coffee shops. This is okay in my mind IF they vary each one a bit AND don't charge more than a dollar for coffee. No one needs coffee that is over a dollar.
                                                             They have two locations so far.
                                                             Lower East Side and Midtown.
                                                                           Goggle it.


  1. Add to your NO love list:
    Clematis...for obvious reasons.

  2. i like your blog. very entertaining. hope you keep writing your blog