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I would have written this post earlier but I’m literally recovering from a food coma. So, as a very special treat, I was invited to the fanciest restaurant in Paris. Le Grand Vefour. This is the type of restaurant where you mind your P’s and Q’s and you might want to brush up on your table etiquette specifically which fork to use because you’re going to be faced with about 40 of them at this restaurant. Le Grand Vefour has everything you would expect for the most memorable meal. To start, the restaurant has been in operation in the Palais Royale since the 1700s. Yeah, the 1700s. As you know, I can be a tad bit judgmental but I swear there was not one thing I could complain about. The history, the decor, the service, the food, the ambience, the flowers! Everything was perfect.


The restaurant is located in an inconspicuous corner of the most beautiful garden in all of Paris, the Palais Royale. I think these pictures prove that I don’t need to explain how absolutely magnificent the decor is.


I am kind of a "foodie" but honestly I'm not even sure what we were eating. I do know that we had foie gras stuffed ravioli with black truffles, potatoes and beef with black truffles and roasted lobster. They had me at the butter.

                                                     Stinky cheeses, creamy cheeses, truffle cheeses oh my!

                               I swear to God, at one time on our table were 11 different desserts.


My past fellow diners have included Colette, John Cocteau, Napoleon and Josephine and Victor Hugo. Good company.

A nice digestif to end the experience. I had already had pink champagne and a bottle of red wine before this so needless to say I was toast.


  1. Heaven on Earth? Just possibly. I practically clapped with glee when I saw this post! You know how in the Giverny post I mentioned the Amazing Last Family Vacation? Well, that came about as my Dad used his points (he travelled A LOT) to cover our airfare and a gorgeous suite at the Hotel Charles de Gaulle (right next to the George V) with a long balcony. They changed the flowers everyday. It was such an incredible introduction to Paris.

    On the plane - not before mind you, he was no fool - my Dad announced that each of us could choose one restaurant - it could be ANY restaurant, as long as we could get reservations. Do you see where this is going? Yes, young lil' me chose Le Grand Véfour. This was pre-Guy Savoy so it was not in fashion at the time - but how could such an amazing place ever go out of fashion? We had a team of at least six waiters for our table and they treated us with such elegance and kindness too. I had ordered a chicken dish - it turns out that it had been cooked in a pigs bladder? Stomach? That arrived at the table blown up like a balloon that the server popped with a flourish. :) It goes without saying that "my choice" was by far the most expensive in the family...hehehe

    Your meal looks absolutely amazing. I am pouring over the photos! Sorry for the long response but this brought back a flood of happy memories from that trip. Those were good times.

  2. PS. You probably already know this but towards the end, when she couldn't walk well anymore, Colette would have a team of the waiters carry her down to LGF while reclining in her chaise! As she was already in the Palais Royal, she treated it as her "other salon"...pretty fabulous.

  3. Like you I adore the Palais Royale - I've lived in Paris 3 times / 4 years total- and while I have not had the good fortune to eat at LGF I have stood at the window gazing up at the ceiling and watching the waiters set the tables, it's on my list of dream lunches before I die! Thank you for the amazing photos - that desert box with the fruit flowing out, omg, amazing! thank you and happy for you that you had such a lovely time there.