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People I Want to Be Friends with. Eric Buterbaugh.

Have you ever come across someone and said to yourself, “Now, that is someone I would like to be friends with.” Such is the case with this gentleman, Eric Buterbaugh. To think of just one word to describe him I think would have to be “dichotomy.” Mr. Eric Buterbaugh is the floral designer at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. He creates beautiful bouquets that are both modern yet classic. Very fancy and hoity-toity.  Now, here comes the reason why I like him… Have you seen what he posts on his Instagram account! It’s like he works all day on beautiful floral arrangements and then Boom! his Mr. Hyde side appears. I can’t get enough of it! He actually posts things that everyone is absolutely thinking, but would never say it… But he will. It just seems so unlikely coming from this seemingly bubbly floral designer. I think that’s why I want to be friends with him. Some people might find his humor offensive. Not me. I find the juxtaposition of his floral design and his sense of humor absolutely charming! I have taken a few excerpts of his Instagram to prove my point… What do you think?





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  1. Definitely signing up as I was laughing in spite of myself...contrast is everything, especially when style is involved, non? ;)

  2. This post is funny as heck to me! The flower arrangements are beautiful too - esp. the varigated hosta leaves in the clear vase with the roses!

    Debra from SENC