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"Uhhh, I'm like, busy…"

Hi everyone! Sorry about the lack of postings. No, I am not dead… I just have “company” (that’s what my mother calls guests). It is definitely going to be a full house over here this week. My best friend, Jenny, and my other friend, Kelly, arrived yesterday and we have been very busy eating Frito pie, gossiping about every human being on the face of the earth, pretending to be supportive about Gracie’s flippant decision to move to New York (don’t worry, it’s not going to happen on my watch), watching YouTube videos about disgusting South American bugs (bot flies) that can burrow into your head (so gross), laughing hysterically and then we rounded out the day with a big cry fest… just because.

Jenny and Kelly got all dolled up last night and went out to meet Jenny’s Uber cool cousin, Sara, who was shooting an Internet piece for Condé Nast magazine at her friend’s restaurant, Au Passage. Sara is the go-to-girl in Paris for all things foodie. Paris by Mouth is the website you want to check out if you want honest reviews about Parisian restaurants, wine bars, cheese shops, bakeries, chocolate shops and the like. Sara gives knowledgeable and no doubt fun (because she is Jenny’s cousin) food and wine tours of Paris through Paris By Mouth. Check it out HERE. I am forever indebted to Sara for one recommendation alone. Sarah turned me on to a restaurant called Verjus just around the corner from my apartment that serves, hands down, the best fried chicken east of America.… So that’s that.

This evening, I am having my friend Sally and her daughter Chloe over for drinks. You might remember them from my blog posting, My Morning With the Chicest Family in Paris. Very excited to see them.

Tomorrow morning my friend Debbie arrives to my apartment with her 17-year-old daughter, Kelsey, who is a model and will be force-fed my green juice concoctions whether she likes it or not. It makes your eyes bright! However, Debbie will not be allowed through my front door unless she smuggled in her suitcase my requested Nestlé Toll House refrigerated peanut butter cookie dough.

Tomorrow afternoon, we are going to go visit the newly remodeled Picasso Museum. After the museum, I will have my weekly massage. I call it the Hour of Power. I spend this hour with the masseuse meditating, nearly levitating, and solving the world’s problems… Mostly mine.

Thursday, I am meeting with documentary film maker, Bo Landin, the CEO of Scandinature Films to start shooting a little piece about ALS because it is “the IT disease.”

Thursday evening, Jenny has a hot date with a French guy (No, not from Tinder!) So I will have to spend a few hours reassuring her that what happens in Paris stays in Paris. No harm, no foul.

Friday, my brilliant doctor, Dr. Paul Allen Cox from the Institute of Ethnomedicine, is flying into Paris and we will meet up at my apartment to discuss his brilliance. :-)

My Yolanda (@yolandahfoster) is sick in Singapore where her husband David (@officialdfoster) is the new judge of Asia’s Got Talent. Yolanda is in the hospital there so I will have to talk to her on the phone for 20 to 30 hours on FaceTime to make her laugh and cheer her up.

After that, I have to text Yolanda’s daughter, Gigi (@gigihadid), and congratulate her on becoming the new face of Maybelline makeup. Watch the video HERE. I cried.

Today we are making lasagna with three cheeses and we will continue my juice obsession now that I have found purple kale in Paris.
So, clearly, I cannot write a blog this week! :-) :-) :-)

In my absence this week, I have an idea… Why don’t you check out my new favorite blog, Manger, because it is waaaaay better than my blog and I’m not afraid to admit it. I don’t get jealous about chicks with yachts, diamonds and Juvéderm… No no no. I get jealous about chicks with old French farmhouses filled with hordes of children, a pack of dogs, warm delicious food, plenty of wine, pink dining room walls, and a gigantic wild garden. I suggest you pop over to her blog HERE and get lost in it for a while… I don’t blame you if you never come back to my blog. Hell, I may never come back to my blog.
A toute!


  1. WOW..............Now thats a GOOD WEEK!Think of all the READING material you will have to write about AFTER they all go home!YOU better have a CAREGIVER take NOTES!!!!!!!!
    SO, HAPPY you LOVE's the PERFECT FAMILY!Her cookbook isNOT too shabby either!I loved HER response to me when she was pregnant with her last child.........".Contessa,it will be just like the SOUND of MUSIC!"Perhaps you can do a summer outing and skirt up to MEDOC when the restaurant OPENS!!!!ENJOY your GIRLFRIENDS.......and your DOC.........and SALLY Tonight with her daughter!Thrilled for YOU and ALL this COMPANY!XOXO
    PS.New Post on the little OLD blog today.............MY FIRST COMPLAINT!I borrowed from YOU hope thats A-OKAY?????BIG HUG............DON"T OVER DO!XOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Ugggghhh. Okay have fun but don't go enjoying real life so much that you neglect us for too long. I guess I don't mean that. Your week sounds wonderful, and I hope your cookie dough is as good as you remembered. I hope Jenny falls madly in love with the Frenchman and moves there and lives next door. I have a feeling that's your plan!
    Lastly, the filmmaker is going to decide to make his documentary all about you because, clearly, you help people connect to and understand your illness with grace and humor and approachability. I just hope it's on HBO or Netflix or Amazon so you can say fuck as many times as you need.

  3. What fun times you have planned! I hooe that you enjoy every single minute of them. And Jaysus, girl, you are funny.
    Unfortunately, I discovered Manger about three weeks ago. I say unfortunately, because, God, who can be that perfect? And she seems nice, too. It's f***ing depressing, isn't it? And she lives near me. But I will never look that good. Sigh. But her blog is amazing...can't stop reading it! In that respect, she's like you. So pkease don't give up the blog...we'll need to hear the outcome of the 'company' adventures!

  4. Hi Ellie, I am new to your blog but I've totally caught up now, including reading the blog you suggested above. It's fun to read, but nothing can compare with your honesty, humour and enthusiasm for the finer things in life. Have a wonderful week, but please come back!
    BTW if you want to hear "Under Pressure" live by one half of the original duo plus one of the best young singers alive, you can go to the Zenith on January 26 to see Queen+Adam Lambert!

  5. Before you leave for the busy week give us the green drink recipe, please!

    1. Dear Mary Beth, for the green drink we use kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, apples, oranges, grapefruit, blueberries, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, tumeric, and a bit of cinnamon. We just mix everything up and change it every day. XOXO

  6. You are busy but thats good right? :) I hope Yo is doing better. .I think of her lyme struggle often...p.d. im never leaving your blog..xo

  7. Don't you DARE not come back to your blog! I like MANGER, too, but I LOVE you!

  8. Is it selfish of me to want to read your new blog posts EVERY DAY?! Sorry Ellie but there are no replacements. Even so, I will take a gander at Manger but will still be checking back daily to see if you have posted anything new. Thanks for "checking in" and letting us know you are o.k....I was starting to get really worried (sigh of relief). Happy for you that you are having a fabulous time with friends.

  9. Oh my that Manger lady for real????? Do these people really exist. Just had a quick glimpse at the photos so far and it is all soooooo perfect. Cannot wait to get into it and backread the whole thing. However I will still be faithful to you and your wonderful - beautiful, lively and witty blog. Meanwhile - take care and have fun with all your friends.

  10. Manger is indeed a great blog, but then so is yours! Have a great time with your friends!

  11. There are so many phenomenal things going on in your life right now that I can almost - I said *almost* - forgive you for posting such a freaky photo that will most certainly give me nightmares. ;)

    It would be great if you decide to participate in the documentary, it looks fascinating (Qatar? Who knew?) and would be normal as you are, after all, the founder of The Ellie Revolution. :) I also hope that your incredible doctor has positive news as well...

    As for your friends? All amazing in every way and you deserve no less! I love that Jenny already has a hot date lined up. Of course I don't have to say, "Enjoy every minute" because I know that you will. Just eat a bit of that lasagna for me please...and what I wouldn't give for a piece of Verjus' fried chicken!

    Sadly, I have banned myself from leaving comments on Manger as I tend to gush even more than I do here! How is that possible you may ask? It is and they were cringe-worthy so I simply lurk with longing now.

    Sending so much Love and Strength to you as always, Ellie...

    PS. I turned on FIP (seriously the best radio station in the world) this morning and burst out laughing because they were playing Steve Miller Band's "The Joker" and I thought of you!

  12. Ellie happy that you are busy and sharing time with friends, that is the best thing to do, ever!
    We will not tolerate being ignored for too long so get to writing soon!

  13. Wow - you have a busy, fun-sounding week! Full of friends and (nice) family; what could be better? I live in Santa Fe, where Frito Pie is an "institution". I do admit I rather like it so I have to ration the stuff or I'd mainline it. Enjoy your week!

  14. Sounds like you've got a busy busy schedule filled with good friends and fun.
    Paris By Mouth and Manger...and many other French/Paris blogs are on my daily reading list...
    French Farmhouse living looks sublime. I borrowed Mimi's cookbook from the library and the photos are amazing...the food looks delicious. The farming lifestyle has so much charm but I am not sure I could work toiling in the gardens from dawn til dusk...but I would love to cook in her kitchen! Simple food prepared, grown and raised on site does feel like honest living...much more connected to the earth and it must be so rewarding...

  15. Oh, are definitely busy. Have a fantastic week --you will be missed. "Manger" is an amazing blog.....full of divine recipes, photos, babies, dogs, and "foodie" adventures. Be well.

  16. Ellie, your week sounds not only busy, but interesting and fun - enjoy every minute. Will check out Manger, but you'd better come back! :-)

  17. Hi Ellie,
    I love that your friends are feels like your house is really festive right now. Have lots and lots of fun and don't worry about us, but I really, really hope you return to your blog, because you are my favorite, (Manger is nice, too). You offer so much, on so many levels,, humor, raw are really doing service work by being YOU!!! And I love it You are a fabulous role model, (and human being, of course).
    Lots of Love and Hugs,

  18. Enjoy, enjoy your week and all of your friends. The remodeled Picasso Museum must be great.

    I did go take a look at Manger, and it was very nice, but I am afraid you are stuck with me.

    Incidentally, I too have a Persian cat, Miss Twiggley, I adore her and she isn't just satisfied with fresh water but insists that I stand by the sink and hold on to the filtered water faucet so she can drink...very, very spoiled, I know!

  19. HIYA Ellie, yes, love MiMi's blog, over the are in good hands over there, wish I were there...I am loving this documentary you are headed to do. I spoke with Dr. Doug today, he works with Dr. Klinghardt, (Lyme's expert), I learned more today. My best for Yolanda, awww, sending love to you both from across the pond...Florida...XXXOOO

  20. Ellie, I am so happy for you! have fun with your friends and then bring all the good stories back to us!

  21. Please share your visit to the Musée Picasso! We will be back in Paris in February and it is definitely on our list!

  22. Ellie : uhhhh...we're like waiting...for the next post ( imagine I've sent you a pic of that annoyed kid on top )