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Beep Beep! New Items in the Shop Today!

This new collection in the shop definitely has a Summer in France vibe.

Reminiscent of an epoque of long, lazy summer afternoons of picnics, pools, sunflowers, beaches… Always with a refreshing apéritif in hand, of course.


Not forgetting French histoire, there are three charming vases in the shop steeped in history! My friend Jane introduced me to this type of folk art called trench art. Thoughtful, historical and très française.


As always, a collection of my favorite chinoisere! This collection even has a little cup that would be perfect as a vase.

My favorite item this week in the shop? A darling French thermometer to record those hot summer nights and icy cold winters.

Vite! Vite! Hurry hurry! There's lots more!

Click HERE to shop!


  1. Ooh, those lovely Trench Art vases were snapped up so quickly. I'm going to have to stalk your shop hourly!

  2. My first time visiting your page - I love it!
    Agnes Irene

  3. Sure hate I missed out on that French thermometer!

  4. The bread basket arrived today, only 4 days from Paris to Colorado - I'm impressed! Glad you wrapped it so snugly inside as the box looked like it had been drop-kicked all the way! Good job, and thanks!