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Welcome Back the Have Some Decorum Home Shop

Good morning from beautiful Paris.

Now that I have gotten that last blog off of my chest, let’s move forward, shall we?

No better way to start the week than with a Have Some Decorum Home Sale!
This sale is all about black lacquered chinoiserie, gold gilt mirrors and blue and white porcelain chinoiserie because… Why not! I will not rest until each and every one of you has at least one piece. 😀

I thought I would give you a little sneak peek to whet your whistle. I will also be giving more sneak peeks everyday on Instagram HERE until the sale starts which is…

Wednesday, May 18 at exactly 10am Pacific Standard Time!

Let’s start with the black lacquered chinoiserie. Do you know why I love these pieces so much? Lots of reasons… I love their elegance… The black lacquer, because they are Napoleon III, the charming scenes that include cherry blossoms, birds, weeping willows, and the imperial look of the Chinamen, women, and children… And the colors! Black, gold, persimmon, ivory, and the occasional pink, turquoise, or sage green. I mean, what's not to love. Some of the pieces for Wednesday’s sale include jewelry boxes, flower vases, match boxes, trays, and trinket boxes. Let's take a look…

Next up, my beloved gold gilt mirrors. This sale has two of my favorites… The sunburst mirrors. There are two available and if you get to the sale fast enough you can purchase two so you will have a pair… Which is golden. A pair! Do you remember the blog I did about the Victoria Press auction? If not, check it out HERE. One of my favorite rooms was the room that she had with the gigantic sunburst on the ceiling. Look look look…


This is what you could do with the sunburst mirrors that will be available on the shop Wednesday if you don't want to use them in the traditional sense, don't you think! Fabulous! I would even drop a chandelier out of it like my friend Nancy did. But they would still look great as mirrors too!


I also have a very special gilt OWL mirror that is so charming I could die… Take a look!


As always, I have a drop dead gorgeous collection of blue and white Chinese porcelain! Some of your favorites are back in stock as well as some new pieces… Vases, jars, lamps, orchid pots, and more. Take a look…

The other categories will be open on the shop as well… Baskets, lamps, porcelain flowers, accessories, books, etc!

The shop opens back up Wednesday, May 18 at exactly 10am Pacific Standard Time!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram HERE for more sneak peeks!

Love to all of you!


  1. Your shop is always wonderful. I purchased the round lidded pot above and it is so beautiful. I then bought another smaller pot to sit with it on my sideboard and am so happy with them. Looking forward to the shop opening again...the chinoiserie is beautiful. When the sun hits my one piece the gold glows. Think of you often and wishing you comfort and happy moments, sweet Ellie. Sally

  2. Beautiful items. I went to a house today that made me think of you the entire time (and we've never even met!!!). It's the family home, since four generations, in a little French village in the south, three floors of glory. Maybe even four, because we didn't climb down the ladder to the basement, with its barrel-vaulted walls and well. Amazing antiques everywhere. Original encaustic tiles. A forged-iron balustrade twisting up, with lion's heads at the bottom of each vertical rail, and each rail etched with a number so they would be installed correctly. Chandeliers. Frog chairs (that's what they're called!) to be reupholstered. Old photographs in gesso frames of people who look uncannily like the youngest generation. A treasure trove.

  3. GOOD GOD...........YOU ARE BACK with MORE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Donna, those owl mirrors are very hard to come by...just sayin'. ;)

  5. The Shop is open and Ellie is BACK! This just makes me happy.

    XOXO / Nancy

  6. Yay ! I'm getting something this time ! Big love E ! xoxo

  7. Oh my, your shop is open! Practically on your deathbed and still embracing the shop girl that you've always been.

  8. Lady, you are just to good to be true.... Ellie you are amy inspiration every day! Love you heaps.

  9. The Nap. III chinoiserie is to die for. And not that easy to find here in golden California. And the sunbursts--yummy. I am in awe of you (and Gracie). xoxoxo Mary

  10. Wonderful, beautiful things, Ellie and Gracie. Hope I will become the proud owner of just one lovely piece. You are always in my thoughts.

  11. Oh, that asymmetric sunburst mirror! I'm in love!

  12. First there was Ellie and her Mom opening up the amazing Circa shop in California...and now, the amazing pair of Ellie and Grace continuing the tradition. What is not to love about this story?

    Bravo to you both for bringing on the goods and keeping us all inspired.
    With much Love,
    H bis

  13. Joy, joy, joy! Can't wait! Sending love and hugs to you, Ellie! xoxo

  14. Ellie, I learned about some ladies in Paris who have collected fine china at brocante sales and then rent the china, glassware and cutlery out all over France for people's events. They have a stock of 2000 pieces of each size dish etc. When I find the site, I'll send it on.

  15. Ellie! I am in Spain reading this! So happy you are open again! Will take a look. Am flying home to Nocal in 2 days...big hugs to you, Shireen

  16. Sweet Ellie, just to let you know you are special and awesome. Love you.

  17. ...oh, I forgot to add, you are so beautiful inside and out!

  18. God bless Ellie, keep fighting. Love your hilarious posts and positive attitude. It's not your time yet.