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Cha Ching!

Well, even though I couldn’t attend the big fat Zeineb et Jean-Pierre Marcie-Riviére Christie’s auction, at least we can ogle and awe at the results. Let’s start with the grand total of the auction. Ready for it? A whopping 32,498,488 euros! That’s 36,585,160 million dollars! The first thing I thought of was, “God, I wish they were my parents!”

Ok, let’s take a look at the results!
Remember that Francis Bacon Man in Blue VII? It sold for $6,882,554! I purchased it and it is hanging in my entry.
The Cy Twombly? The estimate was between €500,000-€700,000 but it sold for €1,381,500! Let this be a lesson… A Cy Twombly never disappoints… I don’t care if you think it’s a bunch of scribbles.
That drop dead gorgeous Nicolas De Stael? It sold for €2,169,500! Let’s not forget that this is just ONE of the paintings that this glorious couple had at their Parisian apartment!
The Pierre Soulages? It doubled its estimate of €200,000 and sold for €421,500! Don’t worry I will find a great replica of this at the flea market.
Colombe en Terre Cuite… The Hellenistic Terracotta Dove, Circa 4th Century B.C?  The little dove that I would have given my liver for? It was estimated between €500-€800 but it sold for €8,750! Do I have a good eye, or what!
The Torse de Faune Dansant en Marbre (A Roman Marble Torso of a Dancing Satyr, Circa 1st Century B.C). The estimate was between €200,000 - €300,000 and yet it sold for €2,897,500! I am not too worried because my friend, Diandra, has one that I am sure she will give to me.
The François-Xavier Lalanne Rhinocéros ? Estimated between €120,000-€180,000 and it sold for €397,500! Remember this is from the same designer that did the sheep in Yves Saint Laurent’s apartment.
The Black Louis XV Chinoiserie Commode sold for €61,500, doubling its estimate! If I were rich, this would be my bedside table tonight. I would keep my beloved pain killers in the top drawer... All special like.
The 19th Century Berlin White Porcelain Metal-Mounted 21 light Rococo Chandelier? The estimate was between €30,000-€50,000 and it sold for €37,500. Not to be a snob, but this is kind of doable. I would have bought this for my shop before ALS stole all of my money. And then, I would have sold it for $100,000. Don’t laugh, I would have.
The Matched Pair of Louis XV Japanned Tables-en-Cabaret, Mid-18th Century? You know how I feel about chinoiserie. And red chinoiserie? Be still my heart. The estimate was between €15,000-€25,000 and they sold for €103,500! Let this be a lesson in chinoiserie… Always buy it. A little scoop… this month on my sale I will have red chinoiserie!
The Francois-Xavier Lalanne Colombes de Zenib that were designed especially for Madame Zenib Marcie-Rivière? The estimate was between €20,000-€30,000 and sold for €103,500! Jeez Louise!

The Lalanne Chandelier and Sconces? The chandelier sold for €1,833,500 and the Sconces sold for €721,500! Fabulous !
And lastly, The Ensemble de Dix Valises & Une Boite a Chapeau en Toile Enduite Monogram, Garniture en Laiton Doré… otherwise known as the LOUIS VUITTON Luggage sold for €15,000… totally worth it!

Well, my friends, that was the auction results. For more results, you can go HERE to check out all of the sale results. God, I love Christie’s!

I also just saw that the Joan Rivers Christie’s auction is in New York June 16-23. Can we talk?  I am going to reserve judgment until I see everything but trust me… It ain’t Paris… No matter what.


  1. Love, love, love seeing the pieces and the prices. Good taste Ellie!

  2. Love, love, love the pieces. Great Taste Ellie. Loved seeing the estimated prices and the sale prices.

  3. Those are some stunning pieces. Especially the chinoiserie. Swoon! When you find that Pierre Soulages replica at the flea market, please grab it and put it on your shop. I kind of adore it! xo

  4. I would have bought that luggage for that price. Trying to get it home with baggage fees would have been just as much.

  5. Oh, Ellie, you are too much. I was looking forward to this, so the stakes were high, and you not only didn't disappoint but you blew it out of the stands. Thank you for being you. You're an osteo/chiropractor for the soul. Crack! Ahhh!

  6. Ellie, as you know I am in Paris and it was going to be a surprise. I bought the dove and it is being delivered to you tomorrow :)
    I also loved it but I wanted you to have it, now you have ruined the surprise!
    Love you Xoxoxoxo

    1. What a lovely, generous thing to do.

    2. Lourdes, I am imagining that you are being silly about the dove (hey, you never know) but I truly do hope that you actually are in Paris and are seeing Ellie today?! If so, please give her a kiss from me. I miss her oodles.

      And if I am totally barking up the wrong tree - lordie knows it would not be the first time - then Ells, just know that I am sending you so much Love as always.

      This post made me sigh with contentment to see such beauty being appreciated...

  7. This was wonderful. I would love to wander through a flea market with you and benefit from your eye for the best pieces. You have sharpened me up, though. Love you, sweet Ellie! Sally

  8. I watched the auction live on-line! Even though I don't speak a word of French, I really enjoyed listening to the auctioneers. I wonder if some of the bidders that were present didn't know French either, as the auctioneer would occasionally look towards his left and speak to someone in English. Now that I know this is available on-line, I will watch more of them!

  9. Yes you do have a good eye. You were right a bout your dove and I could imagine all of those things in your shop (bought with the dough from your recent bank heist of course). Thank you so much for exposing all of us to such a fabulous auction!

  10. Be still my heart. I could have used the Hellenistic Dove. Thanks for the update. xoxo Mary

  11. Surprised that the luggage did not go for WAY MORE!Happy to know YOU can find some ART at the FLEA..........and you may or MAY NOT know I am NOT A MODERN ART FAN what SO ever!YOU are the perfect PERSON to ASK.........who decides when A SCRIBBLE becomes ART??In my opinion........we have digressed................LOOK at what they did without HOME DEPOIT.....bathrooms........and running water back in the GOOD OLD DAYS.THE RENAISSANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How many ARTISTS TODAY can paint portraits like they did?YOU Never see ARTWORK TODAY of detail like we have seen in the past!I suppose because WE all have a CAMERA in our HAND!!!!!!!!!
    I am HAPPY to see you BLOGGING................
    I am HAPPY TO SEE YOU snapping away at THAT GUY out YOUR WINDOW.................
    YOUR husband GETS MORE LIKES in my OPINION Then HE DOES..........
    YOU are a GEM ELLIE..............a REAL GEM.
    Today on my BLOG I am talking about those EXERCISE pants that ALL THE WOMEN in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA wear................MY GOD I feel like snapping their BEHINDS and SHOWING THEM the VIEW!They MUST COVER UP.........and I your CONTESSA am going to design such a GARMET so we the PUBLIC can relax our eye and take in the BEAUTY that abounds........not the oversized BUMS!

    1. I like some modern art, but so much of it makes me think of the Emperor's New Clothes.

      My mother is an artist who paints landscapes and portraits. I can't tell you how many art shows she's been in where she gets the "People's Choice" award, but the modern art walks away with top honors. No coincidence that the judges themselves are also abstract artists. No coincidence at all. I think they hate artists who paint landscapes or anything approaching reality.

      I'm a happy Philistine. ;)

    2. Thank goodness -- I live in NYC and we've never looked more tacky with those floppy behinds everywhere you look.

  12. Love the chandeliers, the birds, and the torso.

    Sotheby's sold one of Cy Twombly's scribbles for over 70 Million last year. I'm convinced he's in Heaven laughing his ass off. ;)

  13. thank you for a visit to Dreamland!

  14. Oh My, that was FUN!!!!!!! You're a Priceless Work of Art yourself!!!! Much love and unmeasurable appreciation to you.