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The Online Shop is Open!

The Shop is Open!

All of the new products are under the  French Style category.

Remember, if something is sold out, just email me at: and I will order more for you.
All of your orders will be shipped this week before I leave for the Grand Ole USA (I leave France August 1st).



  1. August 1st ?! Fabulous, can't wait to hear what the journey held. All good things, I pray.
    Got my walking shoes on, I'm going shopping!

  2. I hope the sale is an absolutely massive success! But what what? How on earth - seriously - how on this beautiful earth has that Chinoiserie bed not sold? At that price? At any price? This is inconceivable to me. It is the most amazingly beautiful rare piece that one would cherish forever and ever.

    Please tell me that Gracie will keep it if it doesn't sell...please?

    Sending you so much Love and Strength today and every single day,
    H bis

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  4. Just received my chinoserie box. So excited to receive a package from "Eleanor Decret." Best of luck in your move! You just rock! Barbara