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Hello again…

Bonjour. When was my last post, you ask? About 2 1/2 years ago, I think. Why the delay, you ask? Well, a lot has happened. In a nutshell, I was diagnosed with ALS, left New York, went to Paris for a six weeks, moved to Santa Barbara, got married, had two surgeries, was robbed at gunpoint, my sweet brother passed away, found out who my true friends are, daughter graduated high school and she started college in Paris, moved back to Paris ( and yes, I followed my daughter to college), started a new medication that is possibly working and realized that if I wasn't going to die, I better start living again. Happiness to me is being surrounded by and exposed to culture, design, food, furniture, creativity and beauty. So I decided that I would start my blog again. This time around I'm going to be more critical and honest with my opinions. I'm going to post the good the bad and the ugly. Someone has to. Having a terminal illness excludes you from being politically correct. You're welcome. My official first posting will be December 1. I thought it would be fun to do the 12 days of Christmas. Every day, or so, I will post 12 pictures of something Christmasy. This is my first Christmas in Paris and I am so blessed that I get to see firsthand all of the elegant twinkly lights, the enticing treats in the patisserie windows, the creative window shops, the Christmas markets with hot wine, the snow dusting the beautiful gardens and the overall good French cheer. Basically, my posts will just be trying to make you jealous… Ha ha Ha. So, Joyeux Noel!!!


  1. WOW.............I love this..............I will be reading YOU all day!

  2. Wow. Arriving to this post I thought, "What if she hadn't started writing again?" and I got a little verklempt! You have had such an incredibly positive effect on so many, many peoples lives...let alone made so many laugh so included on both counts of course. For the millionth time, thank you for being you and for doing this!

  3. I think you are incredible and I am reading all your blog posts. Wonderful, interesting things to read and view on your site. Your post on Bunny is funny and beautiful. Post on Grace... so sweet and heart wrenching. Love your style!