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Christmas in Paris

Well well well… My first Christmas in Paris. Over my lifetime, I have calculated that I have spent a total of a year in Paris, but I have not ever been here for Christmas… Until now. Not that you care, or maybe you do, I have some observations. First and foremost, the word that comes to mind regarding Christmas in Paris is "elegant." I have yet to see one stupid reindeer, giant blowup Santa Claus, faux snowman, colored lights, or fake snow. Hallelujah. What I have seen is loveliness. Complete loveliness. Even the McDonald's across the street from the Louvre is decorated somewhat classy. The decorations here range from the subtle to extravagant. However, even the extravagant decorations have some restraint. Also, the shoppers here don't seem to be in a race to see how much they can buy. People take their time here in Paris. I think it is more quality versus quantity. I have yet to see anyone pushing a giant shopping cart down the street with a giant plasma TV in it. What I have seen are smaller bags, wrapped beautifully, people sitting at cafés with friends and family enjoying a chocolat chaud, and a much slower pace. I think this life will suit me perfectly. You never know though, I might get the urge to line up at Target, hit the Pepperidge Farms shop at the mall and buy a sausage/cheese basket, make a mad dash to Bath & Body Works to get some peppermint scented lotion, fight my way into a See's candy shop to buy a box of tasteless chocolates, run to The Gap for some stocking stuffers, and replenish my thirst at a sports bar with a beer and possibly some jalapeno poppers. But… I doubt it. Here is Christmas in Paris…


  1. Yay that you are back! I used to read you blog waaaaaay back in the day. Never commented, but what a journey you have had! I hope you are enjoying Paris-- you thoroughly deserve it. I look forward to more posts. Cheers!

  2. Lovely blog, love the subject...Christmas in Paris; however, photo # 6 is of the Pestsäule in Vienna, Austria. The Holy Trinity Column commemorates the deliverance of Vienna from the Plague, and is a major landmark and tourists attraction.

    The Wanderer

  3. Is that the Fitzgerald's doing a Christmas can-can? And why does the lady seem to have an entire bouquet strapped to her bosom? Hmmm...

    And they have sausage&cheese baskets in France too. But oh the cheese! Oh the saucisson! Just the memory of those Pepperidge Farm baskets made me smile...especially as I used to think that they were SO fancy when I was little!