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Super pretty Christmas trees and super ugly Christmas trees

I would have posted something earlier, but I was busy watching A Very Kardashian Christmas, Shahs of Sunset, Long Island Medium, Housewives of Beverly Hills and Housewives of Atlanta. Anyway… Oh, the mighty Christmas tree. I love love love decorating Christmas trees. However, I hate putting on the lights. I just like to do the decorations. Here is a funny story about Christmas trees. A few years ago, Gracie and I spent Christmas in New York with my friend, Diandra. She has hands-down absolutely the best style and taste of anyone I have ever met. So we decided that we should have an off the charts original Christmas tree. She found a florist on 11th St. in New York City to help with the tree. We decided it would be a white, kind of artistic plaster of Paris tree. It would take months to make. We would go occasionally to the studio to check on the tree, make revisions, and basically tell the florist how to do her job. Finally, the tree was finished and was being delivered and installed. Diandra and I kept giving our two cents about the tree. The florist just kept politely nodding her head letting us override her artistic abilities. We basically would not shut up with our opinions about the tree. After it was all said and done, the tree was up, beautifully decorated and quite a masterpiece, did we realize the error of our ways. It turns out this sweet demure florist in downtown New York City happens to be the artist, Marc Chagall's granddaughter. We are such assholes. Anyway, here are some beautiful Christmas trees first and after, for fun, some really bad Christmas trees.
Okay, now for some ugly ones…



    I learned that lesson the hard way!

    Never tell the "artist" what to do!

    You will always end up with an inferior product! Always!!


  2. Wait, did I really not leave a comment here? Because even though Christmas has come and gone, I keep coming back to giggle. Just as with the "leopard" post. You are too good, Ellie! ;)

    And I can just imagine the chain of expletives going on in the head of Chagall's Grand-Daughter while she took in your helpful "suggestions." hehehe

    1. These are so pretty! I've always wanted one of those trees and was very happy to find a smaller version (new, not vintage) at

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  3. OMG. Great collection of different christmas trees. I like all these versions :) Thanks for sharing.