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All I want for Christmas…

So in case any of you were wondering… Here is my Christmas list. Thank you in advance.
Black Mini Aga stove
Deyrolle Paris polar bear photo
Superga royal blue velvet high tops
Taschen Jane and Serge coffee-table book
This super cool lens for my iPhone
Going to need a couple of these books in every color
This grey little kitty… I'm going to name her Agnes
This Parisian apartment. Is that too much to ask? I think not.
I realize that I cannot walk, let alone drive a Vespa but I still want one
This sheep is going to look great in the aforementioned Parisian apartment
Grace is too busy at college so I am going to need this new little black baby
Glass fireplace screen… So cool I can't stand it
Furry chair
Last, but not least I would like some new motor neurons. In actuality, I don't want anything from the above list. If you want to give me a present please donate to Dr. Paul Alan Cox at The Institute of Ethnomedicine in Jackson hole Wyoming.

1 comment:

  1. I thought Charli was your little black baby. So cute!