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Valentine's Day Flower Snob

I think the most exciting part of Valentine’s Day are the flowers. It can also be the most disappointing part if they are ugly. I know what some of you are thinking, “Just be happy that you got flowers.” Umm…No. Tight long stem red roses with baby's breath are not my idea of happiness. If someone knows you well enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you, then they should know what you like and to put a little effort into it. If I see the letters FTD on the bouquet being delivered, I’m not signing for them. Don’t get me wrong and think I am “materialistic” and “pretentious” like that twitter follower said I was. It’s not about the dollar amount spent; it’s about the time and effort spent. If you go to the grocery store last minute and buy the flowers, I hope your girlfriend breaks up with you. You need to put some thought into it. What are the recipient's favorite colors? What kind of flowers would look best in the house? What kind of vase best reflects the recipient's style? As usual, let’s look at some good examples of Valentine’s Day bouquets and then the fun part… Ugly bouquets.
This is the ultimate.
Even a small bouquet can be really impressive.
Succulents are awesome.
These flowers are from a shop in Paris called Odorantes in the sixth arrondissement. The address is 9 Rue Madame. How lovely is that?
Not only is Hotel Costes the chicest hotel in Paris but it also has the chicest rose shop. Okay, now that we know what's pretty… Let's look at what's ugly...
This is my worst nightmare.
Don't use M&Ms, don't try to be avant-garde, Gerber daisies mean you're immature, and blue never works.
If I had wanted grocery store flowers, I would have gone to Vons myself.
Jesus Christ.
This is so stupid on so many levels. Do not accept. Okay okay okay enough ugliness. Below are three great books on flowers and bouquets.
All three of these books are available in my bookstore. Click on the have some decorum bookstore to purchase. Hope you get the flowers that you want for Valentine's Day. Send me pictures. XOXO


  1. Hi Ellie , Adrienne here - remember me from SB ? Howled at the red roses and babys breath post ! When I got married , in the vows were No Red Roses on Valentines day ! Sweet peas please . How are you , David , Mom and Dad and Grace ? Sending big love to you in glorious Paris . Beautiful and inspirational photos- thank you for sharing . Blessings , Adrienne

  2. You're hilarious! .... And I'm now obsessed with your nog. Keep writing and keeping it real -- it's invigorating and brilliant.

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  5. Hello Ellie,
    We've only just met today, I'm binge reading back posts and alternately laughing and sighing. Let me say first; I'm sorry. Life is just too short.
    I don't know if you are still reading comments and mine is late to the party but you hit a nerve with the ugly flowers post. May I rant? This kills me. How can you take an inherently beautiful thing like a flower and make it ugly? And more importantly...Why???? I have hijacked many many florists shops and gone behind the counter to wrap and arrange my own bouquets and staged interventions on strange men wandering with multicoloured grocery store bouquets. ( the Horror! ) This is what I tell them .,,"ummm, can I help? " ( they don't say. "no" because they are deer-in- the headlights lost anyway ) and I say "non non non" to whatever they are holding. I then force them to buy two bundles of fat roses in any other color than red, ditch the baby's breath and then rewrap them in.newsprint if necessary ( this is an emergency).
    Chin chin,

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