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Valentine's Day letters of love

Well well well, it’s Valentine’s Day month. Yes, month. This is really my friend Yolanda Foster's month because she is the biggest romantic that I know. The gates of her old Santa Barbara house had a giant heart carved into them. Yolanda loves love. Years ago, when we were both single mothers, dateless, we had a little Valentine’s Day dinner for all of our children. After dinner, Yolanda and I were depressed because we had no interesting men in our lives at the time, so we went upstairs to her secret closet and sat on the floor, cracked open her safe and looked at all of the beautiful jewelry that the previous men in her life had given her. Hi Julio Iglesias. Even though this is technically Yolanda’s area of expertise, I will attempt to exemplify my version of Valentines Day/Month. Over the next couple of weeks, let’s look at beautiful examples of Valentine’s Day and as usual, let’s look at some crappy examples of Valentine’s Day. First up, love letters. For me, this is the single most endearing testament of true love. It is taking the time, the thought and the consideration to sit down, open your heart and put on paper, for a lifetime, your true feelings whether to your girlfriend, your spouse, your children, your pets or your friends.
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How Charles Eames proposes to Ray Eames, 1941
This is from a book I used to read to my daughter when she was little. I could barely get through it without tearing up.
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  1. Dear Ellie, there is a trunk (yes, a trunk!) in my basement full of love letters written between my parents in the 1930s when they were both away at college and pining for each other. Much hanky-pank was going on. I blush! I still can't read them all and they've been dead for years. My parents! Gawd!

    Just discovered your blog and am reading it backwards. You have exquisite taste. I don't. I just hung a fake moose head for Christmas but did drape 15ft. of real cedar garland around it. I hope that counts for something.

    I have a hard time imagining how your illness allows you such joie de vivre in your life, pretty amazing. I salute you. Merry Christmas on this Valentine's Day post!

  2. There were a few months before I moved to Paris where Remi and I were a part and I love those emails (now printed up and in a folder) more than anything. I try to read them once a year to remember...

  3. Slow day at work today, so I'm going back and re-reading Ellie's wonderful posts. This one is so sweet; I think Ellie would be entertained to know that when I read these love quotes, the first face I see is that of my Tibetan Terrier, Hinckley. My husband's face . . . well I guess that pops up once and a while, too. ;)