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People I Want To Be Friends With. Waris Ahluwalia

Seriously. Can anyone be cooler that this? No, it’s not possible. This elegant gentlemen is named Waris Ahluwalia. I guess if somebody asked what his profession is I think it would have to be creative designer. His company is called House of Waris and he designs jewelry and scarves. But he does more… He is also an actor and a writer. I saw him once at a party in New York and I almost fell out of my chair. There is just something about him. Maybe it’s the turban? All I know is that I want to be friends with him.
See? Don't you want to be friends with him also? Hold on, he gets better. Check out his scarves…
His jewelry line is super chic. Look…
He has also been in some really cool films...
After I had already realized that Waris needed to be my BFF, my decision was cemented when I read an article about him and his character. The article says that he, “Shows up nicely dressed, doesn’t text all through dinner, he looks people in the eye, listens intently, talks openly and smiles and laughs disarmingly.”
Just when you thought your dream man could not get any better he does. Waris wrote a book called To India With Love: from New York to Mumbai. The book was created to raise funds for the victims of the 2008 Mumbai attack. The book is published by my favorite publishing house Assouline. Here is what they have to say about the book… "Ask people who have been there, and they'll tell you India is like no other place in the world—a land that stirs each of the five senses and stays in your heart forever. Created to raise funds, spirits, and awareness for the victims of the 2008 Mumbai attack, this scrapbook features personal photos, stories, and memories from a wide range of India lovers. Contributors include Wes Anderson, Adrien Brody, Francesco Clemente, Natalie Portman, Owen Wilson, Laura Wilson, Cynthia Rowley, James Ivory, and many more. Profits from the sales of the book support families affected by the attacks."
Okay, I'm going to go ahead and assume you are all as infatuated as I am with Waris. But here's the thing… I found him first so technically he's mine. If anyone out there knows him…share the wealth, spread the love, don't hog him and please let him know that I need him to be my BFF. No offense Jenny and Yolanda.


  1. Ellie, I absolutely adore this man--so elegant and sublime. I was first made aware of him in I Am Love and was smitten. Thank you for posting such beautiful images. Made my day. What is life without beauty in all forms? xoxo Susana

  2. I wish I was a reader.....kinda funny cause I wanta be a writer....alright I get it laughing out loud. Blah blah blah you snobs lol