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Rue de chic

Rue de Chic I think fashion week brings out the worst in fashionistas. This is the first time I have ever been in Paris for fashion week and oh my God, it is horrific. It’s like everyone is trying to outdo each other and the results are embarrassing. I have never ever been a slave to fashion and honestly I don’t understand people who are. I hate fads. I also hate the phrase “on trend.” I think the best style is when you are not trying to look stylish. Just be. I am a jeans, cashmere sweater, leopard loafer kind of girl. I don’t go for the platform heels, cat eye makeup, hair extensions, super high waisted jeans, super low waisted or giant costume jewelry necklaces. Speaking of platform heels, at what point did we go from sexy feminine high heels to hooker heels as the norm? Jesus. I love sitting at a cafĂ© and witnessing “street style.” Let’s check out some super stylish “regular” people and then let’s check out some fashionistas who are trying too hard.
Super chic, right? Super effortless chic. Okay now let's look at some little fashionistas who look like idiots.
You won't believe who the lady is in the two pictures above. Her name is Anna Dello Russo and she is the editor–at–large and creative consultant at Vogue Japan. Like this is who we are supposed to turn to for fashion advice? No thank you.
Someone's been flipping through too many fashion magazines.
Do you realize how much time it took her to look this ridiculous? Okay okay okay, enough judgment. Let's end on a good note. I love everything about this next picture.
Simply elegant, non? Stay tuned in the next few days for Have Some Decorum's debut of a new homepage. We had a little facelift.

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