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I Don't Hate This at All

“Well, I’ll be.” That’s what they say in the South when something is rather impressive. That’s what I said in my head when I saw this photo editorial in Lonny Magazine. My second thought was, “Well, isn’t that lovely.” My third thought was, “This Bastille Day party makes me miss the United States a little bit.” That may sound weird, but it is true.

Event planner extraordinaire, Tara Guérard, planned this Bastille Day party in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. Yes, it was definitely a French themed party but there was something so “Americana” about it. Maybe it was the red, white and blue. Whatever it was, I loved it. It wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t kitschy. It was just a perfect summer soirée combining the best of a Provençal French fête and a good ole American southern lowcountry celebration. Take a look…


Isn’t that just the nicest little party? So French. So American. So charming. Or, as my grandmother would say, “Isn’t that divine?”

Bon Week-End!

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