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Faux pas…

Faux pas
/fəʊ ˈpɑː,French fo pa/
noun: faux pas; plural noun: faux pas
an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation.

Uh oh. It happened. I swore I would never do it, but I did. I got weak. Guess what I did? I wore my pajamas in the house all day! Mon Dieu! Guess what? I liked it. Guess what else? I’m going to do it every day for the rest of my life. It was actually liberating. So, this is how it happened. I ordered a pair of J.Crew vintage style, borrowed from your husband style, pajamas in hydrangea color with navy blue piping. Look really quick, HERE. Cute, non? Yes yes yes, they will be monogrammed with “Madame Decret” as soon as the Parisian monogrammer is finished with her summer “vacances.” Psst, the French take their summer holidays very seriously. Translation: annoying. Anyway, my pajamas arrived from J.Crew promptly to my apartment in Paris on a very rainy, cold day. Yesterday. Yes, I know it’s summer, but it was raining chats et chiens! I thought I would try on the pajamas…just for a second. That second turned out to be…uhh, all day. They were light, comfortable and I thought très chic. But, just to make myself feel like I wasn’t a total lunatic lounging around in pajamas all day, I added my bracelet and Le Labo rose perfume. My Nepalese caregiver looked at me like I was a f*cking psycho (he’s not too far off). However, I only condone this behavior while indoors. I am not a fan or advocate of wearing your pajamas outside, in public, even if you are Sofia Coppola. It’s not cute.
 So, with my newfound daily wardrobe constitution of pajamas, I decided I better up my game. I am going to receive guests in these pajamas, have tea in these pajamas, conduct my affairs in these pajamas, write my book in these pajamas and gossip on the telephone in these pajamas for God sake, so they need to be extraordinary. Now, there are a lot of proper pajamas… Olivia von Halle, Equipment, Derek Rose , Araks, Three J NYC…but no one is better than pajama doyenne, Olatz Schnabel. The chic Olatz… Spanish born, Parisian raised, ex-wife of artist Julian Schnabel, interior designer, style icon, intellectual, model and yes, pajama maker. Tomorrow, I will show you what a unique, dramatic, large-scale, colorful interior designer she is, but for today, it’s all about the pajamas. Look look look…

Silk, linen or cotton with the chicest color combinations imaginable, Olatz pajamas are the best way to preserve your dignity and not look like a loon in your pajamas all day. Unfortunately, your dignity is not going to come cheap…the cotton pajamas are $550 and the silk pajamas are $750. Ouch! However, if you must, there are less expensive alternatives just one notch down on the chic scale. If I do say so myself, I curated a rather impressive group of “alternate pajamas.” You can find all of those HERE.
Well, you know where to find me… In Paris, in my pajamas.
A toute!



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  1. Brilliant! I love the fact that it is almost noon here and so far (and yes, in my linen jammies) I have gone to the barn and let the horses out, did laundry and brought clothes in from the line, walked/weeded the back gardens, and was planning on doing dinner prep in them too. I hadn't thought of jewellery or perfume…maybe tomorrow?!