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Oh My Gawd!

For the love of God! Holy mackerel! Jesus Christ! Why all of the ecclesiastical expletives? Other than wanting to irritate my Jesus freak parents by “taking the Lord’s name in vain,” there is just no other way to describe what I discovered last week. Don’t you love when the food world and design world collide? I do, and that is exactly what happened when I discovered Aux Merveilleux de Fred.
We were driving through the 5th arrondissement on our way out of Paris for the weekend, and I started screaming, “Stop the car! Stop the car!” I spied out of my keen little eye, a little “boîte à bijoux” offering the most scrumptious meringue delicacies called merveilleux… Macaroons can suck it from here on out. Meringue is the new black.

Let’s start with the decor. Black, gold, ivory, marble, illustrated walls and Venetian chandeliers. Look look look…


Okay, now let’s talk meringue. Truth be told, I’m not a huge meringue lover, but roll that meringue in whipped cream and chocolate shavings and I’m all in. These little morsels of heaven absolutely melt in your mouth and explode in your mouth at the same time. Delicate, fluffy, moist, flavorful, petite, creamy… Addictive. I ate every one of them in about eight seconds and nearly the box that they came in and did not share with my caregiver who was sitting right next to me, feeding them to me. Can you say “greedy fat b*tch ?” Look look look…


  • The Merveilleux : Meringue, chocolate whipped cream coated with dark chocolate shavings
  • The Incroyable : Meringue, Speculoos biscuit whipped cream coated with white chocolate shavings
  • The Impensable : Meringue, coffee-flavored whipped cream coated with crystallized coffee meringue
  • The Excentrique : Meringue, cherry-flavored whipped cream coated with crystallized cherry meringue
  • The Magnifique : Meringue, praline-flavored whipped cream coated with almond chips and caramelized hazelnuts
  • The Sans-Culotte : Meringue, caramel-flavored whipped cream coated with crystallized meringue

  • See! Don’t you just want to die! So, I think everyone needs to call Air France and book a flight to Paris ASAP. You can stay at my apartment. Wait wait wait, not so fast, unfortunately you are going to have to hold on until September. Why? Because they are closed all of August! Who does that? Oh, I remember, the French. Oh well, c’est la vie. It’s worth the wait.

    A toute!


    1. So funny. I JUST heard about Speculoos last might at a little French bistro.

    2. I admire a gal that can roll out a few expletives, witty turn of phrase and kick ass pics of crazy love food and make it all seem so attractive! Love your blog:) You rock!

    3. I found your blog through Heather from habitually Chic. you are an incredibly entertaining writer. Your blog is amazing, I love it!

    4. I second Annie! Please write more. I'm hooked. Formidable.

    5. Your blog is the next best thing to being there. That picture with the spoon - I can almost taste and smell what I see. Et voila! no calories. Keep it coming girl!!

    6. This is the best "cake" I've ever eaten….it's really not cake, but so light and airy….I don't think there is a category to put it in. I heard they are supposed to open one in NYC??? Could it possibly be as good??? Oh My! I can't wait to get back to Paris!

    7. oh my gawd is right….nothing like this here…needed! zoooom I am on my way, I will sleep on your floor, bring my own blanket, ha ha ha, call me trooper ~ I too would consume in a few seconds, I can't keep homemade cookies here, I will wake up from a dead sleep, wonder in the kitchen eat, and go back to sleep….horrors…crumbs in bed

    8. They are also in London (& NYC) and don't close during the summer!