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Happy Halloween. Trick or Treat.

I am already doing my “trick” by staying alive with ALS for almost 4 years, so now I want the “treat.” The porch, front door and interior are decorated, and the pumpkins are carved… It’s time for a party!!! The best part about Halloween parties are the treats. No, no, no… You are at the wrong house (and wrong blog) if you think that we are going to look at Rice Krispy Treats in the shape of Frankenstein. Halloween is the perfect holiday to get your dessert game on. You can get creative, spooky and clever but don’t get disgusting and do desserts shaped like brains or fingers or intestines because that’s just disgusting and you should keep that side of yourself…to yourself, freak.

I’m all about the chic Halloween dessert. Even if you’re not exactly a baker (I’m not) or crafty (I’m not), you can still pull off a cool dessert if you are slightly creative (I am.) And by creative I mean going on the Internet and finding a chic recipe. Voilà! I have taken the liberty and put together, I think, a rather spooky, chic, clever Halloween party dessert board HERE Take a look…


Don’t you hate those types of people who don’t share their sources? I do. I think it is nice to share ideas and recipes and I hope you do too because I thought it would be fun if everyone shared their Halloween sources in the comments section of the blog. If you have a great place where you order hand-painted pumpkins, tell us! If you have a great source for chic decorations, share it! If you have a great Halloween dessert recipe, tell us! If you know of a great Halloween decorating book, share it, for God’s sake! Just put it in the comment section of today’s blog and we all win!

A toute!
*Something you don’t know about me? It’s really about my mother but I am going to expose her anyway. For the past 44 years, or more, my mother has bought a giant Thanksgiving Butterball turkey from the grocery store. But, now that farm raised poultry is readily available to order via Internet, my mother has evolved. To get fresh, cruelty free, free range organic turkey for Thanksgiving, look no further than Williams-Sonoma! You can order a famous and much coveted (uncooked) Willie Bird Ranch Thanksgiving turkey on the freaking Internet. Isn’t life grand when you’re not an idiot and can use a computer? You can go to the website HERE and learn all about these turkeys and how they are shipped. I think it’s genius. If I were you though, I would get your order in fast before they are sold out. They have a special Thanksgiving delivery. I actually called Williams-Sonoma today and asked them all the details about these turkeys… how they are shipped, if they are seasoned, do they need to be de-thawed, can you add your own stuffing, cooking temperatures and times, etc. They knew all of the answers so I suggest if you have any questions just give them a quick call. This is going to be the perfect turkey for all my mother’s recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. The cookbook is almost finished!


  1. They are all fantastic! Your Pinterest board is great, too. I sent you a couple of photos... :)

  2. GOOD DAY!
    I'm NOT a BAKER nor CRAFTY either!BIG SURPRISE??I would happily SHARE my sources with YOU and your readers if I had something to SHARE!I'm NOT doing any HALLOWEEN this year.........I know its sad.I have my reasons.I do.I did SHARE YOU.........and the comments and emails I have received are OUTSTANDING about YOU!!!HURRY HURRY with that COOKBOOK!!!XOXO

  3. Fantastic ideas, thank you.. People are so clever, and you're clever to feature them!

  4. Hi Ellie, the spider eggs look yummmmie! Thx for the lead on Williams Sonoma's cruelty free, FREE RANGE organic turkey -- double yummie! I've passed it along to my family in the US.
    I did a little research too and they come from Willie's farm in Sonoma Cali. Here's 1 article:

    Published 2011 so the #s of birds/orders may have increased, and if so, let's take that a good sign. As WSonoma writes, it's "a bird to brag about" -- ;)

    I have NO recipes to share other than Tollhouse - thank goodness the recipe is on the package. Lame-o, Michelle

  5. All of these treats are so cute! I especially like the chocolate cake with the ghost in the center. :)
    Martha Stewart has a wonderful pumpkin whoopie pie recipe with cream cheese filling. I use mostly applesauce instead of all that oil, and make them very small. They are yummy!
    Reading your blog is my favorite TREAT. Thank you.

  6. Ellie,
    Those treat looks delicious, I especially love the black candy apples. But what about the quintessential Halloween treat, candy corn (known at my house as Halloween crack...)???

  7. Because I have only a few children for Halloween, I make custom gift bags for each child. I include a special gift for each child. Each gift reflects the child's interests or hobby. I also include some home made animal crackers and truffles.

    I have pumpkins lining my front entry, each has a different facial expression. All are well lighted. I love Halloween. Seeing children delight in their costumes makes me very happy. Susan

  8. Ellie, you are awesome...oh gosh that cupcake with the blood and broken glass...I'm going to the pinterest board:)

  9. okay, those spider cookies at the very top, I have to say...NOPE, they look too real, there would be no way in Hell I could touch them, In fact I would have to squish them. Not that they aren't tasty or anything. but nope. no way. Still with that said, how did you make those? they are pretty cool. even though very very VERY creepy.