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C'est fini! The Christmas book!

It’s finally finished! The Christmas book is finally finished!

The book is titled, A Very Chic Christmas. I thought the subtitle should be “How Not to Have a Tacky Christmas” but I thought that would be a little rude…but just so you know, that’s what I mean. Christmas decorating can go so wrong…so fast. You know what I’m talking about…those crazy Christmas people. Those crazy Christmas people who think that elves are a proper Christmas theme. Those crazy Christmas people who wear Santa hats. Those crazy Christmas people who think containers of cheddar cheese popcorn is a good idea for a Christmas gift under the tree. Those crazy Christmas people who think it’s okay to put an inflatable Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on the roof. Those crazy Christmas people who serve Lil’ Smokies at a Christmas cocktail party. This book is not for them…they are too far gone and set in their ways. This is a book for people who already “get it.” This is a book for people who will not be offended when I tell them not to use faux garland. This is also a book for borderline tacky people who want to make the leap to the chic side. God, that sounds so rude of me but I mean it in a welcoming way. :-)

This book is twice as long as the last one. It is chock-full of my Christmas stories, some gentle/not so gentle rules and reminders of Christmas, my favorite Christmas sources, tree trimming guidelines and the best part… Recipes! So many recipes! I have broken the recipes down into six menus…Christmas Cocktail Party, Christmas Eve Casual Dinner, Christmas Eve Fancy Dinner, Christmas Morning Breakfast/Brunch, Christmas Dinner and New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party! These are the menus and recipes that my family has been using for generations with a few modern kicks. Some of the recipes are quick and easy and some are a bit more complicated but they are all worth it! I have also added our favorite Christmas cocktails…hot and cold.

Like the last book, I have also included my mother’s email address in case you have questions. She is an expert on all things Christmas…decorating the house, trimming the tree and all things cooking! She loves loves loves helping people with decorating and cooking. Don’t be offended if she answers your questions “with a tone.” She does this to all of us because she expects people to be born knowing how to make a Beef Wellington. So don’t be too sensitive and just follow her advice and everything will look gorgeous and tastes fantastic!

So, voilà, A Very Chic Christmas! As always, a portion of the proceeds will go to ALS research.

To purchase A Very Chic Christmas in a softback version and have it delivered to your door click HERE.

To purchase A Very Chic Christmas in an e-book version and have it delivered instantly to your iPad, click HERE.


  1. I will be ordering at least THREE CHRISTMAS BOOKS........MAYBE more need to make my GIFT lists.I want you to know I made last night the POTATO CASSEROLE......made two one for my neighbor who has a little BOY who does not like MASHED POTATOES!Well,I told him I had never tried these either and I wanted him to call me and tell me for REAL are they good or NOT!I got the call.......YES!He likes them!I am known as their FAIRYGODMOTHER(two little boys)so now YOUR MAMA's POTATOE CASSEROLE has a NEW name in their home and ours.......The FAIRY GODMOTHER potatoes!My husband loved them too!(he is hard to please with new things so YOU have NO idea how happy I was with that ANNOUNCEMENT.............the GREEN BEANS TOO are a hit with him and my SON NICHOLAS.Made the CLASSIC PECAN EASY and SO GOOD!I have NEVER had a PECAN PIE before!!!!!!!!!!!!!Will be making the stuffing and the relish and the sweet potatoes and the cheesecake and the mashed potatoes all for TURKEY DAY!Husband does the BIRD in the PIZZA oven so thats one less thing for me to do and its done in about ONE HOUR and 20 MINUTES!Can you tell I"M EXCITED for the CHRISTMAS BOOK!Off to relax Now.That's an ORDER.Do you have the wallpaper yet with the small bit of brick???Just give me a thumbs up!XOXOXOOXOOXOXXXXXXOOOOOOXXOOX

    1. Hey. Ellie! How lucky are we to hook up with this divine angel??

      Who knows how to do the caps...and lower case and mix them up perfectly.....who is the most glam and fab woman I have ever known!!!

      Seriously.....I think (and hope) I somehow found you.....or maybe SHE did.....I think..guess doesn't matter at all!

      We both adore you! Elizabeth.....and I Penelope aka Penny!

      How lucky we are to have found you! I met you in Montecito; she visited you in Paris1 You are friends....I think, with my daughter in Santa Barbara!

      You and your Mom opened the chicest store I have ever seen in the entire world......painted everything black....( you know how awesome that was....10 years ago or something....??? ) Full of the chicest things I have ever seen in one place in my life!


      So SAD!!


    2. Elizabeth.... you are "off the charts" DIVINE!!

      Now, you all.......comment......OKAY????? Go Guys!! You know what I mean!!!


  2. I'm only a few pages in but I'm loving it! Please keep writing them your stories are wonderful. Do you have more planned?

  3. "borderline tacky" the best description in a long time, this was much needed. I already hear my self use this term in ohh so many ways. Thank you! Rgrds Line Hovrind

  4. Oh this made me laugh so hard this morning and I really needed it (my Frenchman is in a "mood" let's just say). Although, I have to admit that I am most likely in the "borderline tacky" vein if only because Christmas morning at my family's house always meant champagne or mimosas served with...chocolate Entemann's donughts! :) Heehee. I mean, oops.

    A giant massive, fireworks explosion of Congratulations on publishing your second book...within a month?! You are a wonder and this is an official "take that ALS". I am still saving up for the first one but will get both when I can, I promise (yes, funds are that tight at our house right now, maybe a reason for "the mood"). As I wrote yesterday, that is the amazing thing about books, once they are out there, they are out there! Bravo!

    1. One Christmas BOOK in your stocking!I ordered three.......only have homes for two so there you go the third one will be mailed to FRANCE!
      HAPPY HOLIDAYS!XOXO........your contessa in California!

    2. I will happily send them to you for Christmas! It will make you happy....!!

      tell me your address.....and would you like the iPad or kindle version???

      Please let me!

      I will be so happy to!!


    3. So sweet of you Penny. But it's okay, I have already sent her a book. You are so sweet and kind, just like sweet Elizabeth. I am so happy, lucky and proud to have all of you in my life. Just goes to show you, women are the superior gender! Love you all. Thank you for all of your sweet comments. I have always admired you. And I adore Ella. And your grandchildren are the cutest kids at church!

    4. Happy Thanksgiving, Heather! Your book is on its way. XOXO XO Ellie

    5. Ellie, Elizabeth and Penny? Well, you all probably know by now how hopelessly sentimental I am so I will just flat out admit it that this brought happy tears to my eyes. It really did. It does my wonky heart good to know that there are such beautiful women out there and that I am lucky enough to be in touch with them. Thank you Mr. Inventor Guy that created the internet! But yes, Ellie, of course we are the superior gender, that goes without saying. ;)

      Thank you so very much for sending me your book, I can not wait!! I will be accosting the postman!

      Gros, gros Bisous and much Love to the three of absolutely made my day, my week, my month!

    6. You will now have YOUR CHRISTMAS BOOK and REMI has his...........thats what they call serendipitous NON??I adore this back and fourth.........and CAN YOU BELIEVE tomorrow ELLie and Hubby go to THE AMERICAN designer for TURKEY DAY!!!I cannot wait to read about WHO got her in and what she ate.....and who SHE saw..........its like a GIFT TO ME!Ellie, please write about it.........PLEASE!!!!I personally know HEATHER wrote them but I think a MARY from the comment section made it happen!!!DO TELL..............PLEASE!XOXOXO

  5. Dear Ellie, thank you for my morning laugh!
    Just ordered the book and can't wait to read it!

  6. Congratulations!!! Borderline Tacky--oh, my favorite new description!! Can't wait to order my copy. Sending love by the barrel. xoxo Mary

  7. Approximately 2 minutes has passed between me opening up your blog and ordering the book:) Hope your mom doesn't mind strangers emailing her! Thanks for your efforts here, this will be a great addition to my collection.xob

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  9. Thank you, Eleanor. I’ve ordered my copy and cannot wait for it to arrive. Your ardent admirer, The Preppy Empty Nester, sent me to your wonderful blog. Cheers to you! ~ Juliet