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Pre-Christmas Jitters!

Just a quickie today! I know, I know, I know… I know I shouldn’t talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving but I saw something so absolutely charming today and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. They are coming from London so I want you all to have plenty of time to order before Christmas (It’s called preparation!). They are Christmas Sacks! Look look look…

Aren’t those absolutely the most charming things ever for Christmas! And the best part is that you can have them monogrammed! I mean, seriously, how cute are these! I’m going to order one for Gracie right this second! Don’t worry, it will still be a surprise for her because she doesn’t read my blog (She says I’m too “overly enthusiastic”). The Christmas sacks are coming from a company called Not on the High Street ( They ship internationally so order early to ensure delivery before Christmas (make sure you contact the seller to make sure of delivery schedules.) I think the Christmas sacks will complement any Christmas decor and can be used year after year. So Christmasy, so old-fashioned and nostalgic! Any child would be so excited to see this under the Christmas tree. I’m excited for them, for God sake!! Love love love love love!

*Something you don’t know about me? I’m going to have a super exciting day tomorrow… Stay tuned! And also… Best news ever… We have a reservation to Ralph’s restaurant at Ralph Lauren in Paris for Thanksgiving! Thank you everyone for all of your help. I will blog about the whole adventure the day after Thanksgiving!


  1. These are completely adorable, as are you! I'm so happy that your Thanksgiving plans worked out--I can't wait to hear the details. Although I've never commented before, I want you to know that I'm a huge fan of your blog and of you. You and your family, caregivers and doctors are in my prayer daily. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. boujour ~ adorable and monogramed ~ love monogramming ~ Congrats on the wonderful over the top RL reservations, I am so happy to hear this news, maybe throw us all some pics, hee hee…. :-)))) bravo! XO

  3. Can you imagine the look on a little ones face upon seeing these Christmas morning? It makes me smile just to think of it. And hooray for the reservation! See? It was a good idea after all. :)

    I will look forward to reading your about your adventure tomorrow...until then, wishing you a lovely Sunday Ellie.

  4. Dear Ellie, so excited for you and your family that you will get to go to Ralph's for thanksgiving! And also so excited for all of us since we will get to read all about it.
    Thank you for making my Sunday happier all the way in Miami by having a new blog!
    We adore you! XOXOXOXO r

  5. My god, those sacks are insanely adorable. I'm Jewish and don't celebrate Christmas, I have never been bothered by not celebrating it - I do love the season - but now I am so damn jealous of parents who can give gifts in those sacks!!!!!

    And congrats on getting into Ralph Lauren's restaurant for Thanksgiving. I've eaten several times at the "RL" in Chicago. Quite good...

  6. You willNOT believe this but I just order a couple of SACKS......NOT these but with the kids name on them.Mine are red velvet!!!We both are thinking the same thing........NOW what to put in them as my kids are older then YOUR KID and mine NEED zero....ZIP!
    THRILLED MARY........??? GOT you into RALPH'ies..........JUST THRILLED!XOXOXOXOX

  7. So glad you have peeps that know peeps that can get you into swanky joints;)xob

  8. Thank you for directing us to that website. I have ordered some personalize books for the children, a clock for my kitchen in California, booties for the granddaughter, a a few other things.

  9. Bonjour Ellie,
    My husband and I visited Paris a few weeks ago from Australia. I knew about 'Ralph's' and reserved a table in advance as we'd heard it was very busy. May I say it was a highlight of our holiday. A special outfit was organised, I was soo excited!
    The whole experience was fabulous. Mr Lauren's eye for detail is amazing.
    We had lunch in the jardin courtyard, filled with plants,flowers and beautiful people. I'm guilty of taking a few photos. The inside of the restaurant is equally as lovely. Oh! The food and wine was amazing. Ellie, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner.
    Bon appétit.
    Regards, Maggie Rylands.

  10. Adorable ! Go's into the ever enlarging " why didn't I think of that " box !

  11. I hope you write about your RL Thanksgiving...! You know that I normally write 'nice' comments, but I seriously thought someone hacked your website to promo these monogrammed potato sacks for Christmas. Sorry, I must be missing something because I absolutely admire your taste in everything else, including the layout of your blog!