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Antique Sale! Day 1: Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

So here we are! The first day of the antique sale!!!

 I want to just take a second to tell all of you thank you for all of the support and well wishes that you gave me this week. I feel like I have a whole army of you guys behind me rooting me on. So, thank you.

Okay, so for the first day of the sale, I thought I would come out with guns blazing.

Today, I am offering something that honestly every household should have.

 19th-century giltwood mirrors of course!

On our buying trips to France, mirrors were always our first priority. You know how with decorating a house you start with the sofa, the rug, the coffee table… The basics. A mirror is one of the basics but one of the most important basics. It’s your focal point of the whole room. It’s the first place that your eye goes to so it better be freaking amazing.

First things first, let’s get some inspiration via Pinterest, shall we?

See? Now don’t you see how you cannot live another day without a giltwood mirror?

Good news. You don’t have to live another day without one because I have not one, but two available today for the sale!

Let’s start with the first one that I am offering for sale…

Fine French Rococo Giltwood Mirror
French Louis XV Rococo Style mirror with arched top frame mounted by a pierced and carved acanthus shaped cartouche.

 This is the mirror in my mother's breakfast room.

 Little blemish on the scroll. You can have this professionally fixed or, in all honesty, I would just paint it with a little gold leaf paint with a tiny brush.
Second little blemish. No biggie.
Price: $3600

Place of Origin: France

In the Style of: Rococo

Materials: Giltwood, Gesso

Period: 19th century

Condition: Good

Wear: Wear Consistent with Age and Use. Needs minor repair to the left scroll and minor 1 inch repair to base.

Height: 5 feet 3 ¾ inches

Width: 3 feet 1 7/8 inch

Depth: 2 inches

Number of Items: 1

Location of Item: Los Angeles, California USA


And the second mirror that I am offering for sale…

French Louis XVI style Gilded Mirror
French Louis XVI style gilded mirror with acanthus cartouche, floral motif with roses, indented interior corners with rosettes and egg and dart molding.

 The Louis XVI mirror over my mother's fireplace. Sorry for the crooked candles on the sconces... that's probably my sister's fault.

 Little blemish. I would just gold leaf paint this as well.
Little blemish. No biggie.
Price: $4200

Place of Origin: France

In the Style of: Louis XVI

Materials: Gilt, wood, gesso

Period: 19th century

Condition: Good

Wear: Wear consistent with age and use. Top right needs 1 inch repair. Left of frame needs 1.5 inch repair

Height: 4 feet 9 inches

Width: 3 feet ¼ inch

Depth: 2 inches

Number of items: 1

Location of Item: Los Angeles, California USA

These types of mirrors can be used in any type of house in any room. The most obvious place is over the fireplace but what about using it over your bathroom sink, what about using it leaning against a wall in your dressing room, what about using it over a great entry table. What about using it in the kitchen! I have three of these mirrors in my Paris apartment (relax, it came with the apartment). The first one in the living room I keep simple…

My living room mirror.
 My living room mirror with Frances. She thinks she looks best next to gold gilt.

The second mirror in my dining room is where I decided to have a little fun. I like to tape up little souvenirs of my life on the mirror… Pictures of my friends and family, postcards of my travels, little cards from my friends, little cherished memories.

 My dining room mirror.

My dining room mirror with my souvenirs.

The third mirror is in the guestroom over another marble fireplace. I usually place a vase of welcoming flowers for my friends when they come to visit. They use the fireplace mantel and the mirror as a dressing table… A 5 foot mirror is exactly what my friends like/need. :-)

My mother is always reminding me that the placement of a mirror is superduper important. You need to watch what it reflects. Make sure it is reflecting something beautiful.… A view of the garden, a beautiful painting, or it can even reflect another mirror which is super chic and gives a room major depth. Whenever the holidays roll around, our mirrors are the first thing my mother and I decorate.

David and I decorating the mantle and mirror for Christmas. Yes, I always decorate in a dress and leopard heels. Just kidding, I just wanted you to see that I actually could walk at one point. :)
Don’t be afraid of these mirrors just because they are hoity-toity. These mirrors can swing both ways… Fancy and uptown or Bohemian and downtown. A beach shack or a villa.

There are a few things to remember about mirrors… First of all, mirrors give space… They don’t take away space. So, even if you have a small room, a big mirror will only make the room look larger. Secondly, antique mirrors will always have little blemishes. I like to refer to these as beauty marks. With age comes character (#NoteToSelf). This only adds to the charm. Antique mirrors are valued for their history, uniqueness, collectibility as well as for their inherent attractiveness… So say the experts.

For more inspiration, I have put together a great Pinterest board for Gilt Mirrors. Follow HERE.

So, these two amazing mirrors are the first items for the sale. If you have any questions, just email me at If you would like to purchase the mirror or mirrors, just email me at the same email address,, and put the title of the piece in the subject line. This is a first come first serve basis and I promise I will not play favorites (unless it’s Princess Caroline of Monaco… Obviously). You can pay with either PayPal or Wells Fargo Bank deposit.
These two mirrors are in Los Angeles California. You can pick them up or arrange transport for them. If you need to ship them long-distance, I use a company called Vintage Transport.

I think we are off to a very good start, don’t you?

Stay tuned for the next item up for sale… Hint: Provence.


  1. Want to share a solution re blemishes. I have a 19th C. large Adams-style gilt mirror, with an urn, flowers, leaf motif that had a few blemishes when I found it at an antique shop. Several leaves were damaged as well as some of the small beading along the inner rim. I found at Michael's, a well-known craft supply store in US, a plaster of paris molding kit to make exact replicas off of the in-tact leaves. You make the dough with water, bake the impression taken in the oven. The kit comes with glue to add the piece, then you just gilt over it. I used two different colors of gold rub-on gilt to match the aged mirror exactly. It is very difficult to find the repair and any one who has admired the mirror has never noticed it.

    1. Brilliant. Thank you.


  2. Of course you would begin your sales with nothing but the best! These are truly gorgeous and as I mentioned in the last post, are perfect examples of what are becoming "impossible to find" save for, maybe, at the professional deballages and then if so they are sold within the first hour.

    I am wishing you equal success! Although between the photo of Frances and those insane leopard heels, it might take a few minutes for folks to get their concentration back together... ;)

    Sending mucho Love to you Ellie,

    PS. Next up Provence? Whoo hoo!

  3. Beautiful mirrors! The real deal and they have so much character!

  4. Gorgeous mirrors. Wallis Simpson said her biggest thing with decorating was mirrors…

    I love that photo of you and your husband where you are in the red dress.

    Take care x

  5. YES!You are off to a GRAND START................MAY the first BUYER BE SO LUCKY!!!I have no more wall space left but RELISH just looking at them in your home setting!!!HOW EXCITING....................I hope you sell BOTH today!!!!XOXO

  6. They're gorgeous and I love seeing your mom's house! I'd leave them a little bruised and chipped.

  7. I'd leave them, too....two absolute beauties! Best of luck with the sale...I suspect they'll fly. And speaking of which, you may no longer walk, but in many of our minds you can fly! Here's hoping your new business takes off and soars.

  8. The mirrors are gorgeous, but I'm impressed that you seem to have been able to stand on top of a chair in those heels. Or that's what it looks like.

  9. Ellie I adore gorgeous mirrors and wish I had one more wall space for one of these beauties, the best of the best!! I know someone will treasure the mas you have!! Loving the image of you at the Christmas tree!! Fabulous you!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth

  10. They are gorgeous. And the size!! Happy Selling. xoxo Mary

  11. the photo of you and your husband is just stunning!

  12. Love how you noted , in any space - we have three in all the unfamiliar places in our shack !
    Go Ellie ! Blessings , A

  13. Ellie, gorgeous mirrors! Truly the look of love between you and David, great photo, what a fortunate woman you are to have so much love in your life

  14. I love the mirrors and love that you recommend their presence in a kitchen. I have my grandmothers hall mirror above my cook top in my kitchen....always good to check my make-up , or to make sure my guests are behaving;) Yes, I do clean it every night! Bad energy if it is dirty, don't you think? Like I'm too lazy to take off my make-up...xob