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Antique Sale! Day 2: Toujours Provence

Well, good morning from Paris!

It is a beautiful spring day and we have finally opened all of the French windows in our apartment to let the spring air pass-through. Even though Paris is a big bustling city, there is nothing better than Springtime in Paris except maybe, Springtime in Provence. Can you imagine! I currently hate my husband because he said we cannot move to Provence because he said he has a little something called “work” in Paris. Annoying.

So, when life gives you lemons… Make a panaché. So, my new plan is to bring Provence to Paris. I am literally going to pretend that I live in Provence and my apartment will reflect that. There will be a sign at my front door requesting that all guests change out of their high heels into a pair of espardrilles. I have already started to grow lavender in my window boxes and all of my furniture is going to be ivory, beige linen and a little Pierre Frey floral thrown in. I’m taking my inspiration from my Provence mentor Janet de Botton (she doesn’t know who I am, but in my world/fairytale we are best friends.) Her house/bastide in Provence, as my grandmother would say, is “divine.” My second Provence inspiration is a hotel in Avignon that is just beyond. Beyond! It is called La Mirande. Take a look…


If you are like me, I think everyone belongs in Provence, except people I hate. Provence is for happy people who see the importance of a good ratatouille. People who let dogs sit on sofas, know the rules of pétanque, and don’t confuse aioli with Miracle Whip. People who would willingly, without provocation, kiss an olive tree.
So, without further ado, let me introduce today’s antique sale item.
A pair of authentic Provençal Green Anduze Garden Pots.

Bonjour Provence!
Last year, I wrote an extensive blog about these type of garden pots. Everything you want to know about them is in that blog post… Their history, where I found them, how I got them back to the states, their significance, the styles etc. Click HERE to read and then come back (there will be a quiz).

First things first, let’s look at some inspiration via my Pinterest board


If these don’t say Provence, I don’t know what does. Quintessential Provence.

So, if this kind of thing is your “thang” you are in luck because today I have two of them for sale. I think that they should be sold as a pair but I’m willing to sell them individually because I’m cool like that. Let’s look at some of the details…

French Provençal Jumbo Anduze Garden Pots
French terra-cotta Anduze pots typical of the South of France. Extra large size for olives trees, citrus trees, topiary etc.

Price: $2600 each

Place of Origin: Southern France

Materials: terra-cotta and glaze

Period: 21st century

Condition: Good

Wear: Wear Consistent with Age and Use. Perfect aged patina

Height: 2’ 7 ¼ inch

Width: 2’ 6 ¼ inch

Number of Items: 2

Location of Items: Los Angeles, California USA

How gorgeous are those? Don’t they just brighten your day and make you forget all about the fact that your husband won’t let you move to Provence?

If you want to see some more inspiration, check out my Provençal Garden Pots Pinterest Board HERE.

So, these two amazing pots are the second items for the sale. If you have any questions, just email me at If you would like to purchase the pot or pots, just email me at the same email address,, and put the title of the piece in the subject line. This is a first come first serve basis and I promise I will not play favorites (unless it’s Princess Caroline of Monaco… Obviously). These two pots are in Los Angeles California. You can pick them up or arrange transport for them. If you need to ship them long-distance, I use a company called Vintage Transport. You can pay with either PayPal or Wells Fargo Bank deposit.

Stay tuned for Day 3 of the antique sale. Hint: Swedish meatballs.


  1. just divine!!! In Australian dollars they'd be about $8954 because our dollar is so weak and has taken all the fun out of my previous hobby of online shopping x

  2. Gorgeous! I wish. I hooe someone snaps them up right away!

  3. You aren't the only person that is disappointed that your Husband won't let you move to Provence. :(

    But on to brighter things - such as these pots. Yet again you have chosen something that is impossible to find...unless you go to Anduze (a nice trip by the way with a visit to La Bambooseraie but not exactly "the shop around the corner"). These are just gorgeous and should be sold in no time!

  4. Fabulous Ellie!! I know someone will love them tremendously!!
    I love your new Provencal styling at home!!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I'll kiss olive trees with you.

  6. We were there 16 years ago and brought home two of these pots .. . . . . in our luggage. They were egg cups from a nearby gift shop!

  7. These pots are so beautiful!
    Anyone wanting to frame their entrance in style would be remiss not snatching these up...
    It would be fun too if the new owners of your pots would show them in their new setting!

  8. I own the dining room chairs in the first few photos!!They belonged to a PRIMA BALLERINA.I am seeing them in EVERY MAGAZINE recently done up in leather.......which I adore!THE POTS THE POTS.............are GORGEOUS...........someone in L.A. should snatch those up in an instant.Maybe give the lovely lady at Indigo Seas a call?!!
    AS for moving SOUTH...............PITY, but YOU could be in a worse LOCATION.Maybe you could just go for a vacation say two weeks............HAVE YOU TRIED THAT???!!!!

  9. Love the pots! And I wish I were in Provence right now!! Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo Mary

  10. The pots are great...your writing is pure delight!......charming,witty and of
    course, so to the point! As for Provence..of course it is the BEST place ON EARTH. Oh to kiss or hug ANY of the trees.....

  11. Did I mention I am new to your posts....and totally mesmerized by your offerings...and your chat!

  12. lookie lookie, both sales, marvelous, love mirrors and the garden pots....I do remember your posting about these pots...awww no move (yet)....visits are good....where you are is good (I'd move in a heartbeat)....checked out the fabrics too, love fabrics, so cute of your and your bunny ~merci ~ oh la la ~ xoxo

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I became lost in the beauty of La Mirande. I am reminded of Nancy Braithwaite's book Simplicity (here are some pictures...

    Symmetry and proportion certainly soothe the soul. When pairs of things visually balance, our hearts expand. We breathe in more deeply. We feel special and timeless.

    Add nature (Have you seen any of Monty Don's 80 Gardens Around the World on YouTube?) and we are invigorated, enlivened and restored.

    Such pleasurable fun to influence our daily environments this way.

    Much love,

  14. Ellie! I am half way through your recommended book ' the divided mind' and I am crying from relief right now cause I am have found a cure for my 18 yr old back pain. I was having this bad episode of back pain when you recommendation came. I am so much better just reading it. I should hold my horses and maybe wait long term before saying anything but I know, I just know what my problem is. I wish I could go hug John Sarno and hug you too! Do I sound like a bumbling fool. I don't care. I just know I am better and I know why I had so much pain all these years.
    Amazing antiques there!

  15. Too bad your husband thinks a move is out of the question - silly man!!

    The pictures are all swoon-worthy, but I am mesmerized by the one with all the lavender and that lovely pot. And the room with the wall of plates - lovely.
    Hope some lucky person snaps up your gorgeous green pots. Now if I had a house in Provence and a more robust spending budget....

    Would you share the name of the photo ap that makes those lovely green borders?

  16. OMG!!! Love the hotel La Mirande! Its hard to get past it!! Now I have another place on my wish list! Thank you for sharing!! Love and continued prayers!

  17. Ellie, I am so sorry that we won't be neighbors. I was all set to check out the Mas in Mouries. Let me know where it is and I will check it out next week.

    1. Don't give up on me yet Judy. I am determined to be your neighbor. The good news is that my constant nagging has broken down my husband a little bit and he has agreed to find a place that we would use on the weekends in Provence. Let the search began! XOXO

    2. My plane from San Francisco leaves tomorrow - Friday - around 3:00. So let the fun begin!