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It's Open! Shop Have Some Decorum Home

It’s open!

My petite online shop is open!

Now a little piece of my France can be yours.

The shop is called Have Some Decorum Home. It will always be open to you by just clicking the “Shop Have Some Decorum Home” icon on the right side of the blog. You can also get to the shop by clicking HERE!

The facts…

I sourced every piece myself.

All items were found in France.

I only adopted pieces that I loved and would have in my own home.

I do not follow fads or trends. I like pieces that have character and will last a lifetime.

I have an obsession for anything chinoiserie or Provence.

I love Ironstone. I love the feel of it and the sound of it.

I believe that accessories make a house a home.

Seaside landscape paintings complete me.

A collection speaks volumes.

I love to decorate a kitchen and the shop has some perfect items to do so.

All pieces are “well loved” (antique or vintage) and therefore might have a chip, bruise or blemish but all of that adds to the character. A worn patina is a happy patina.

I like to find pieces with birds and flowers… But nothing corny.

I think that there is something for everyone. Prices start at $10.
Shipping is what it is… Not cheap. Everything will be handled with extra care, tissued, bubble wrapped, popcorned and boxed. You have your choice of shipping methods… Fast/slow. Pricey/not too pricey. FedEx, UPS, French postal system.

On the very delicate and larger items such as the 38 pieces of ironstone dishes, I suggest using the shipping company that all of the professionals use from the fleamarkets…Camard. They have been doing it for centuries. Like says, “We use the best shippers in the world, because we’re shipping the best stuff in the world.  It’d be a tragedy if something survived a hundred years, but couldn’t survive a trip to your house.” 

All measurements are in centimeters because it’s weird, French people don’t measure in inches or feet and I don’t have an American tape measure. You’ll have to do the math.

All payments made easily via PayPal. You will be charged separately for shipping with exact shipping price.

I have started with 22 items today and will be adding new pieces every week. Mostly small items but there might be an occasional grand piece.

What’s my favorite item on the shop today? I love everything but something about the 1950s straw bull from Provence makes my heart swoon. I know it is a bit pricey and trust me I haggled the price down as low as I could get it. The good news is that the dealer might have a collection of 10 available. If you see that it is already sold, just email me and I will see if I can get you one from the dealer.

I hope you like everything. I am a very picky buyer and I have chosen everything with a discerning eye. I hate crap, I hate tchotchke, I hate bric-a-brac. I like unusual pieces that have a little story. I like the juxtaposition of items. I like to layer.

I would like to thank my husband and my caregivers for all of their help. These three gentlemen woke up at the crack of dawn with me, got me dressed, loaded me into the car, got me to the fleamarkets and let me look at every booth for as long as I wanted. They know that this is what I love to do and because of their help, I kind of forgot that I have ALS. So MERCI to them.

A portion of every single sale will forever go towards ALS research. Additionally, my friend Rebecca of B.Viz Design has donated 2 antique Fortuny pillows and the profits will go to ALS research in honor of her friend Elizabeth who unfortunately has ALS as well. Thank you Rebecca!

Happy shopping!


  1. Oh I already see some things I want! There goes my retirement check! My brother has some awesome pieces he bought while living in Paris but he wont part with them...

  2. Congratulations! You have such a great eye for things beautiful and unique. Loving the blog and praying for you daily...xoxo


  3. Ellie I have just read you feature and am so so excited. Off to your shop!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel: Three Weeks

  4. THANK GOODNESS I do not NEED a thing TODAY,but I have made a recommendation to another SOUL to make a purchase!Let's see................if she takes the bait!
    This is WONDERFUL for YOU to be doing!!JUST WONDERFUL...............what fun too!
    Now your weekends will be spent SEARCHING THE FLEAS of ROMANTIC is that!XOXOX

  5. I love the shop every single thing is exquisite! I just placed a small order and I'll be checking back all the time, it's so well-organized and easy to check out/ create an account... it's so well done Ellie thanks so much. xox

  6. ARE the knife rests sold?IF They are not SOLD..............I want them!!!!!XOXO

    1. Yay!!! I love those too - they would be perfect a la Casa Contessa!

  7. Wow. Fabulous, fabulous job Madame Decret. As a seasoned (one could say wizened) brocanteuse and antiques lover in France, I have to say that this is all amazing and very,very well-priced. How on Earth did you find so much chinoiserie??? Impossible! And I am delighted to see that some smart souls already snatched nearly all of it up...

    But people! The bull is the real deal!!! I can't buhlieve it hasn't sold yet. It will... :)

  8. Love your choices. Congratulations!! Mary

  9. Ellie, I saw several things I'd love to have except I'm in the process of moving from a three bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment! And,
    "I believe that accessories make a house a home." is the truest thing I've read all week!

  10. This was a lovely post. I teared up when you thanked your caregivers and your husband. How wonderful to have a team who love and care for you so much and so well. And so happy that you have a passion which allows you to forget ALS even for a few moments. I look forward to purchasing from am happy that in some small way we can support your passion. Because, as happy as I am that the proceeds will help you and fund ALS research, ultimately, you have fab taste and have chosen some lovely things!

  11. So many beautiful things. Your eye and taste are exquisite. I have many good memories of shopping the Paris Flea Markets with my parents when we lived there when I was small. Parisian brass fire chief helmets, brass scales and weights, sterling and crystal perfume bottles, wood writing boxes and so many more items. I remember the treasure hunt, the people, the smell and even the food.

    Thanks for inspiring us with your eye, your attitude and the way you live your life. I look forward to your blog each time. Thanks Ellie!!

  12. Leslie in OregonMay 27, 2015 at 5:55 PM

    Beautiful selection...great work, Eleanor! Looking forward to more, Leslie

  13. Of course I love everything!!!

    Keep posting and selling!!! xo xo

  14. So sad everything is almost gone!! go shopping again. Love it all. Must get your favorite places to shop. Coming to spend the month of October in France ALL BY MYSELF!!