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Very exciting blog today!

I have always been obsessed with botany, if you can believe it. I think one of the most charming aspects of the study is the art of preserving herbs.                                                                                          

For five centuries botanists have dried and pressed plant specimens and attached them to paper as a means of recording different varieties. They would then be labeled with their Latin names, family names and location and date of gathering.

Collections of these “herbiers” are coveted. Usually housed in museums and herbariums, dorky people like me always make a point to visit these prized treasures...And I always drag my daughter with me which is probably why she hates my guts. To a teenager there must be nothing as boring as looking at dried herbs with her mother. I understand her pain because it’s the same way I felt when my mother used to drag me to Bullocks department store in Los Angeles to look at china patterns. But now I appreciate what my mother exposed me to and I am sure Gracie will as well… when she is about 85 years old.

As usual, with me, everything reverts back to interior design. And decorating with antique herbiers is no exception. Let’s take a look and then I have a big surprise at the end…

It’s not easy to find these collections and they are super pricey. Collections can run into the thousands.

 This set of 19th century herbiers is on for $12,000!
And now here comes the surprise! I found a collection and they are available in the shop! It’s the first time in all of my antique-ing life that I have ever come across a full collection. 38 total! I have framed 32 of them in a sublime antiqued gilt frame and 6 of them in a striking Monet blue faux bamboo frame. Each herbier is unique and labeled, circa 1920-1993.

Gorgeous as singles or in a grouping, they work in nearly every type of setting… Kitchen, powder room, bedroom, living room, entry or even a potting shed!

They are available in the shop today in the antiques category! Priced individually at $145 for the antiqued gilt framed herbiers (32 available) and $155 for the Monet blue faux bamboo framed herbiers (6 available). You can purchase as many as you like and what works for you. Just specify your quantity.

Click HERE to shop!

For more inspiration for decorating with herbiers, you can check out my HERBIER board on Pinterest HERE!


  1. I am so curious as to how they preserved the green color of the leaves like that.

  2. LOVE these Ellie.....check out this site out for your garden of veggies...
    and your jardin.of flowers.....XOXO

  3. Stunning! Best wishes, Pammie

  4. how do I select the ones I want?
    I would love to have a picture of my choices.

  5. When I first moved to Provence ten years ago, L'Herbiers were kind of everywhere. So, like an idiot, I did not buy any, thinking, "Pff, those old things? I can always pick one up when I have the perfect space for them." Riiiiight. Big mistake. It is incredibly generous of you to offer them in small quantities - something that I have never, ever seen.
    Sending much Love and Strength to you,
    PS. I would love to know about that massive three-paneled one over the fireplace. That is a gorgeous room. Info please if you have time...although you will most likely be filling out massive orders for the herbiers so I understand if no. ;)

  6. Beautiful. And so classic but still wonderfully ragged round the edges.

  7. Love these Ellie! I am going to have to check them out in you shop. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Ellie, These guys are beautiful. I am so tempted even though my bank balance is currently gasping for a deposit. I love your choice of framing. For me, choosing just the right frame is a lesson in perfecting my eye. Thank you for sharing this wonderful find. xoxo Mary

  9. Wow! I have not studied herbiers at all to the extent that you have, but I love to see them worked into interior design. Your photos showing them in various rooms are lovely and inspiring!

  10. Want to know more "About the Art & Science of the Herbier", visit is a fun blog for all you gardeners out there. She is an American ex-pat who is married to a Frenchman. She has lived in Normandy for ??? years. Nice selection of French seeds, French gardening clothes, French Gardening books, French garden decorative items, etc.

    Also some good gardening stories which she calls Postcards.

    Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs

  11. Ellie: I can't connect through your email link for some reason. Anyway, I have a little interesting story you might like. Elizabeth Wharton Drexel was a Newport socialite who lived in Paris. In 1923 she boughtThe Hotel Canvoie at 52 Rue des St. Peres. It was owned by Givenchy in 1981. Now, I have just purchased a massive iron fireplace backing from there that made its way to Newport. Would love to send you some pics and chat about my intenet to find the current owner. Cheers, Stella.

  12. How on earth did I miss this? Divine......Another major hit! Brilliant beyond....and a treasure to keep forever! Thank you Ellie! for so much!!!