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Designer Envy

Dan Marty Design

Dan Marty
Talent Extraordinaire
I think I have been envious of Dan's talent for a good 11 years now. I first encountered Dan's magic at his shop in Costa Mesa called Les Interieurs.  I had never seen anything like it. The entire shop was set up like an actual home. It was like shopping in your friends's house...a very sophisticated and well traveled friend. After Les Interieurs which was a partnership I think, Dan went solo and opened his own shop in Newport Beach called Dan Marty Design. It was even better then. Next, he opened 2 shops in LA! Yea for me because I had moved to Santa Barbara by this time and LA was closer for me to keep an eye on him. Now, all these years later Mr Marty has a a 13,000sq ft showroom in the Pacific Design Center...the epicenter of all that is good.

Dan creates his "look" by mixing French, Italian, Moroccan, English, Far East and California. The result?

Dan travels all over to collect his goodies.  He is bold and brave in his creations...and an absolute trend setter in design.

Dan has antique furniture and accessories as well as a custom line. I love the fabric he uses in his upholstery...velvet, linen, monkcloth, kilim, grain sack, paisley, zebra etc.

The zebra chair is a signature piece for Dan.

He introduced the Union Jack chair this year.

On a side note, I found this French flag chair this summer in Paris. Wouldn't it be chic to use them together at a little game table?

The accessories are really what bring a room together...french market umbrellas, wicker baskets, chinese blue and white pottery, monk cloth, Swedish candlesticks.

all images used by permission

If you can get to the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, I urge you to visit the showroom. But, if not, the Dan Marty Design website is fantastic as well.

Dan Marty Design Showroom
8687 Melrose Avenue Suite B380
West Hollywood, California 90069


  1. How I do love such a homey to see his website as I have never heard of him. Oops! Merci, Ellie. :)

  2. I'm re-reading your stuff and loving it , I'm not sure you are not there, reading the comments! Like Heather, I'll be visiting him, but not now, I'm enjoying you too much... Sending my love wherever you are xx