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Think Inside the Box

Liana Yaroslavsky

Liana Yaroslavsky
Finally! An original thought. Paris based designer Liana Yaroslavsky has created the most interesting coffee tables I have seen in years...maybe ever. The designer has combined her love of Versailles, Venice, tapestries, Murano glass and chandeliers, 19th century watercolors, baroque and modernism in her creations. The result? Coffee tables. A museum in plexiglass.

Le Bal
Liana's descriptions of her pieces are as luminous as her pieces.
Le Bal's description goes, "The scence, inspired by Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, centers around the Tsar's royal ballet. Keys of a neglected piano form a circular fan around two white wings made from real feathers...we are, after all, at the Ball of Angels. 19th century piano compositions for lovers are scattered within the base of the coffee table.  The crystal chandelier (also 19th c.) are embellished with feathers. Allegro moderato, yes, but who is leading this dance? Who are the dancers? The answer is obvious: our own imagined memories." With a description like that,  you know this is a special piece. The coffee tables take on a new dimension at night when they come alive with the glow of the flame.

19th century watercolors are strewn about the base of the table. The watercolors come to fruition with the actuality of the 17th century Murano chandelier.

Oz Variations
One hundred crystal Murano blown glass balls float over Versailles parquet floors.

Maure de Venise
Black mirror occupies the floor base while a  black crystal Murano chandelier rests on top, its branches shooting out through the plexiglass.

A closer look
Liana's website is a must see. Take a look at her drawings, inspirations and what brought her to these designs.


  1. I had to spend a few minutes to take it in - SO different. And absolutely wonderful! The Murano chandelier is my favorite, but they are all stunning. SUCH a departure. It's not typical for the table you park coffee on to steal the room!

  2. Very, very interesting. Now that you are returning to deco (hooray!) maybe this deserves a second mention? ;)
    PS. It is almost snowing in Provence today! But it isn't quite reaching the ground. I keep willing the temperature to fall.