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Hermes and Erwin Wurm

Hermes and Erwin Wurm

Legendary fashion house, Hermes, has continued its dedicated patronage to the arts with Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm. Collaborating with Hermes menswear, Erwin Wurm has created a temporary installment in Hermes' Bond Street shop in London.

Erwin Wurm's bizarrely humourous "one minute sculptures" is an exhibition combining the everyday commonplace objects with the unexpected.

Hermes' menswear director, VĂ©ronique Nichanian, has been a long standing fan of Wurm. Such a fan that she gave Wurm carte blanche with the installation in the Hermes name and menswear line.

Fashion and art have always flirted with one another and with this installation between Hermes and Wurm the perfect marriage has ensued.
The collection and exhibit will be displayed at the Bond Street shop from October 11 to the 18th.
Get there while you can. And while you are there pick me up a Birkin.

Hermes London
155 New Bond Street
Mayfair London

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