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Once Upon A Pillow

Very exciting news today. My friend Rebecca Vizard has written a fabulous book called Once Upon a Pillow and it is officially available today!

You may remember I did a blog about Rebecca and her drop dead gorgeous pillows. If you didn’t see it you can read it HERE.

Rebecca is a girl after my own heart. We both love pillows, tapestries, antique fabric and trim but she is the foremost expert on all of it. Her company, B.Viz Design, is based out of Louisiana which creates the pillows that top interior designers covet and her pillows have graced the covers of national publications such as House Beautiful, Veranda, Elle Decor, Traditional Home and Architectural Digest. Look look look…

Rebecca scours the globe sourcing her textiles and the result is nothing less than fabulous. What I love most about her pillows is that there is a subtle chicness. She chooses just the right blues, just the right oranges, just the right beiges and knows exactly the perfect embellishments. When Rebecca visited me in Paris, she brought me a very special gift. Take a look…

This particular pillow could not have been more perfect for me. That heart with the sunburst with the sword and the perfect silvery beige velvet! Every time someone walks into my apartment the first thing they ask is, “Where did you get that gorgeous pillow!” Pillows are always the icing on the cake, no, make that the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. I like to keep things neutral and then pop with a pillow and Rebecca’s pillows are just perfect for that.

According to the press release, “Once Upon a Pillow features a study collection of pillows all designed by Rebecca. Celebrated for her innovative use of rare antique textiles— from the embroidered metallic threads or ecclesiastical vestments to Venetian Fortuny and Central Asian suzanis-her designs present a perfect balance of art and material culture.”

A perfect gift for yourself and perfect gift to give for Christmas! Sweet, generous Rebecca has donated a pillow that will be available for the December Have Some Decorum Home sale and 100% of the proceeds will go to ALS research in honor of Rebecca’s friend who has ALS, like me. ALS is apparently the “It” disease of the moment. :-)

To purchase Once Upon a Pillow, click HERE.
To purchase Rebecca’s pillows, click HERE.

Rebecca is having a few book signings coming up. Check out the dates on her website. If you go and see Rebecca give her a huge hug for me!

*Something you don’t know about me? I still have a huge surprise to share with all of you but I have to wait until it’s a done deal so I don’t jinx it. Trust me, I’m bursting at the seams to tell all of you. It’s killing me, killing me not to be able to tell you guys. But soon, soon soon soon.


  1. Never Knowingly Under- Cushion is a motto I live by.


  2. Fabulous pillows. Can't wait to hear your surprise. It must be huge. Will stay tuned. Susan

  3. Yowza..the pillow she brought you is beautiful! I always thought the right pillows can make a room and I've got alot of them..her book is the perfect Christmas gift which btw the way will be here in 10 Friday's so I hope your secret is out soon! :) xo

  4. I just received my first issue of Santa Barbara magazine. I read your article and -- like you -- it was delightful. I admired Rebecca's work before when she was featured on Cote de Texas and would like nothing better than to buy her pillow at your sale. Here's hoping. Have a lovely weekend. XO, Victoria

  5. Exquisite work-will check out her site and pass on that hug! Our bull terrier has eaten most of my favorite pillows, but they were nothing like those beauties! A big hug to you today, Ellie. <3

  6. Beautiful pillows! Your friend has a great eye for you do too Ellie.
    Oh I am on pins and needles...I love a surprise! Sounds exciting!

  7. I can't wait to hear your good news! I always enjoy hearing about good things happening to good people! Hugs.

  8. Great pillows. Some people have all the talent.

  9. Her collection is so stunning! ! I must have her book if not a pillow! !
    The Arts by Karena

  10. What gorgeous use she makes of the rare antique textiles she finds! I think that one of her pillows will be my first acquisition for the home into which we will be downsizing sometime soon, and I'll put the room together around it. (That probably is not the recommended way to furnish and decorate a space, but I never seem to do well following rules....) Thank you for introducing us to Ms. Vizard, Leslie

    1. Actually, you are following the "rules". It's easier to design a room around a pillow or rug, rather than choose a paint color and then try to find pillows and rugs that work with the paint. There are tons of paint colors, but fewer pillows and rugs you will want.

  11. Love a good surprise . Hope it involves , packing , flying over the Atlantic , landing at LAX , and a call to fetch you for a joy ride up the coast !

  12. Rebecca's pillows are absolutely the most amazing ever!!! The workmanship is superb--love her Fortuny's, also. Have a super Sunday. xoxoxo Mary

  13. Oh I have been reading about her for years. Of course you would be friends with her! :) Her work is just amazingly beautiful and that she has a good heart is evident in her generosity (I must be one of the only people who did not comment upon that pillow, sorry, too mesmerized by the tractor beams of light coming out of your baby blues). I am very sorry to read that she has a friend with ALS and I hope that the pillow she donates for the next sale goes immediately!

    Sending much Love and Super Strength to you, today and everyday,

  14. Those are works of art! I'm sure I've admired her work without ever knowing. What's the news? I hate waiting and am not especially fond of surprises anyway. We can't have these types of secrets in our relationship! I hope you're getting a show on HGTV where you do remodels and emasculate and belittle the property brothers. I had a meaningful conversation with a 75 year old woman last night about which HGTV hosts we'd bang. We disagreed on the property brothers. She can have them.

  15. Bautiful you, beautiful book and beautiful pillows!

  16. Girl you are full of surprises! Can't wait. It's surprising there's no Royal Warrant of Appointment after Rebecca's name. Her work is surely fit for a King or Queen. The pillow she gave you is exquisite. It reminds me of the ex voto heart you gave Yolanda, that she keeps on her bedside table - Sacred.

  17. Oh Ellie, Thanks for your kind words an your seal of approval! I took your advice and wrote it in my own voice, though it's a bit of a Southern voice!!! Your humor and style of writing was very influential. When I got stuck, I would think how would I say this to Ellie?! You are priceless!!!