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My perfect little house

graffiti is an art form you know.....

Who wants to buy this for me? Anyone?

I saw this today in a teeny tiny art gallery in the Marais when I got lost on my walk. The artist is Gael Darrinche. He is only 38 years old. He studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. The painting does not have a frame per the artists instructions. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. The description reads, " This is a work of the very famous self-portrait of Dürer in ricin, a contemporary of Béatus Rhénanus, a humaniste of the first part of the 16th century. " The artist takes the original portraits and reinterpretes them in a contemporary medium.
Price 7000 euros.

Chic Chandelier at MERCI store

This is a chandelier I found today at the Merci charity shop. The description reads, " Lustre d'Africa du sud." The beads were thick wooden and chalky black. You can click on the picture to see the image larger.
3500 euros

Trendy store in paris...Conran

Store is trendy....but I liked it.
Check it out if you are in Paris. Their website is eh...not so great...better in person.

How to look cool riding a bike...even in a dress

Buy this bike....
795 euros at the Conran Store in Paris. Bike is made by a company called Brooks.

Dog Painter...portraits de chiens

I was walking Leo and this man handed me his card. He only needs a picture of your pet and he will paint them. He does all sizes of paintings. His website is

Pierced chandelier

Love this chandelier. I shall put it over my kitchen table or in the loo.

Best Find of the

Ok, so; this is the cutest chicest thing ever!!!
These are STICKERS!!!!!
Life size!!!!!!
The door is the best. You could take a little wall space on your wall, hang just a regular flat mirror, no frame, nothing. Then take a piece of ply wood, hinge it to the wall and put this door sticker on it and voila! awesome french door/mirror!!!
I will put the fireplace anywhere...maybe my bathroom.
I needed a headboard and now I can just stick one up!!!! Instant cute.
Look at the books.
Check out everything on the website for the company
LOVE IT!!!!!!

Great apartment

Love this apartment. Freestanding. Own garage. 4 or 5 stories tall. Probably a courtyard.Lots of light. These are all things to look for in a apartment, right? I might change the blue paint to black. I like a little drama.

Perfect for dinner party gift to someone who isn't serving meatloaf.

This is chic little candy. Flavors are cool....wasabi, bamboo, or (gold), sesame, myrtille. They looked like little crayons. Company is called

Must be a designer's Smart car

LOOK HOW CUTE THIS SMART CAR IS? IT HAS CANING ( did I spell that correctly) ON THE SIDE!!!!!

Perfect green

This is the perfect green. I want to go chip off a little bit to take so I can give it to the paint shop. Do you think the owners would mind? If the door were mine, I wouldn't mind. I would be flattered.

gorgeous console

This is a gorgeous console. It is sanded down pine or oak. the legs are thin thin thin...not big chunky ones. this makes it so unique. guess what? there is a pair!!!!
circa 1800
price: i do not know yet. i forgot to ask.... I was so thrilled to find them

Have some decorum.....

This is my first posting for this blog.
I think I have figured out what ( i think) I am good at and that is sourcing cool stuff. Mostly relating to design.
This could be:
a house
an author
an interior designer
an artist
a fabric
a perfume
a candle
a store
an antique piece of furniture
not an antique piece of furniture
a book (usually about design)
an exhibit
a garden
a frame
a place
a friend with style
the list goes on and on and read on

I hate it when I read about something and I really like it and I cannot buy it right there so I will attempt to try to make it possible for you to purchase certain items if possible.