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Embracing My Inner Bedouin

You all must think I am crazy…going from Santa Barbara to Annecy to Paris to Provence back to Paris and now…back to Santa Barbara...with ALS. But guess what? I just want to go home and home to me is Santa Barbara. I am all packed and will depart France on Sunday the 31st and will be sleeping in my own bed in Santa Barbara Sunday night…the exact same place I left 3 years ago…the same address…the same place where I raised Gracie…my home. Who says you can’t go home again?

I will tell you all about it next week when I am settled but until then, follow me on Instagram HERE for all the details.

To all my friends in Santa Barbara, come over…you know where I am. (Bring cocktails).

Cuz Ya Can't Take It With Ya... 50% Off Sale

It’s your lucky day!
 I have a few pieces left in the "French Style Category" on the shop and guess what? Since I cannot take it all with me on the plane, I am offering it to you at HALF OFF!
I have to sell it all before I leave July 31st so CLICK and SHOP!
Go HERE to shop!
These are great pieces at phenomenal prices so don’t miss out! Everything you purchase will be shipped before I leave!
The sale starts now!

Current Mood

Bonjour from Paris... Said with little enthusiasm. Everyone in Paris is gearing up for the big festivities for Bastille Day, July 14th, but I don’t give a shit because all I want to do is get back to the US and go to Taco Bell.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to leave this God forsaken city. All I can think about is California…I even listened to a Norah Jones album yesterday, for God’s sake. Shoot me if I start listening to Jack Johnson. I have big plans when I get back to the US but for now let’s focus on getting me out of Paris.

I have a huge surprise for you on Friday. You have to follow me on Instagram HERE to be the first in the know. If you don’t “DO” Instagram, check the blog Friday for the surprise.

The Online Shop is Open!

The Shop is Open!

All of the new products are under the  French Style category.

Remember, if something is sold out, just email me at: and I will order more for you.
All of your orders will be shipped this week before I leave for the Grand Ole USA (I leave France August 1st).


Our Last Tango in Paris

Well, my friends, as you know I am leaving Paris. I am leaving happily but I will never forget everything that I have seen, learned, explored and experienced… and I will bring all of this back with me and it will remain with me throughout my life. Grace has one more year left at college in Paris… don’t worry, the little brat/angel will be fine without me until she graduates in May.
Over the next few weeks we will discuss more about why I want to go home…no big deal but I think it will be interesting to share with you as I am sure a lot of you have the same sentiments. However, today I am still in Paris and we have some very exciting news to discuss!
This will be my last Have Some Decorum Home Shop sale from Paris and boy, is it going to be exciting. It all involves a charming back story…
Let me start by saying that not everything can be an antique, ya know! The French know this best… It is all about an eclectic sensibility… combining the “vrai with the faux.” That is to say, true design is incorporating the real with the reproduction and there is no shame in that! A whole house of antiques is called a museum…not a home.
In Paris, there is a shop dedicated to this design philosophy. The clever owner is dedicated beyond belief to the craft of offering true French designs based on originals. Scouring the country of France, the owner purchases all of the originals and takes them back to his atelier, works with his craftsmen to replicate down to the exact detail a new life for the pieces…and offers them to you.
The success of my shop, Circa, in Santa Barbara was based on the same philosophy…to combine the old with the new. And today, by the grace of God, I have been selected/vetted to offer the line to you. Trust me, this was no easy feat and I have been working on it for almost a year. None of these pieces that will be sold on the Have Some Decorum Home Shop, Friday July 8, are available in the US. This is purely “a French thing.”
All of the designs are based on originals…at a fraction of the price…but have the same joie de vivre of the French style.
I have selected 8 styles to start with and we will grow from there…let’s take a look…
There is nothing more French than a French barometer! Every detail is perfect down to the patina to the French script. Purely decorative, this barometer would be perfect in any room of your house. 
You know how I love my French herbiers and these do not disappoint! Sold as a set of 4, they are to die for.
My heart always lies with chinoiserie but it is getting harder and harder to find the originals these days so we are fortunate that I will have 2 different styles that will always be available. A set of huge tea boxes that are so perfectly French chinoiserie, you will never know that these are reproductions and who cares if they are…they are fabulous. Secondly, we can never have enough chinoiserie boxes and now we will never run out!
A set of brass snails! My favorites! A perfect charming French decorative item that brings a sense of French whimsy to any décor… In a bookshelf, on a coffee table, on a stack of books, on the dining room table setting…anywhere!
You know all of those beautiful blue and white chinoiserie vases? Well, now we have a place to put them…on these perfection of perfection French gilt wall brackets! I have 2 sizes available.

Now, nothing says “French” like lighting. The French have perfected the art of lighting. The first day that this shipment of lamps arrived to our shop from France to Santa Barbara we sold out of them in 15 minutes. You just can’t get this kind of French classicism in regular ole America. I will have 2 styles available on the shop Friday. The first is a charming electrified lantern that would be perfect on your desk, your bedside table, even outdoors! The second style is the lamp that everyone wants when they come to my apartment. A brass and glass lamp with an oval gold shade. It is marvelous!

This is a very exciting sale and everything will be shipped to you before I leave for America. After this sale, our beloved little Gracie will take over the handling of these “French Style Reproduction.” I will select the merchandise and Gracie will make sure it gets to you within a weeks’ time. This month we have 8 styles but there will be so many more added in the future…candelabras, mirrors, lamps and more decorative items… We will never go without!
The sale starts Friday July 8, 2016 at exactly 10am Pacific Standard Time. I have just started with limited quantities but if something is sold out that you had your heart set on, just email me and I will order more for you.
This is super exciting because all of the pieces are only available in France and on the Have Some Decorum Home Shop!
Happy shopping!



Well, folks, I have some news. I am leaving France, Paris in particular, and I am moving back to the US, California in particular.

Why, you ask? Frankly? I hate it here. Not to be rude but I hate the French. It is time I get back to my home, my friends, my family, my surroundings and my food. You know it is time to leave a foreign country when Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing starts to taste bad… I need to get back to the US to reacclimatize my taste buds. They have become too refined and that is NOT good. I am American, for God’s sake. I don’t ever want to see a macaroon again… I am all about the sticky bun from here on out.

I leave July 31st. David will stay to work and will come later, so relax… We are not getting a divorce. I would kill him before that happened.

Okay, more exciting news:

Everything in the shop in the Antique category is half-off!

Also, if you live in the Paris area, I am having a moving sale at my apartment Saturday, July 9 at 10am. Email me for my address:

And the most exciting news will come in tomorrow’s blog. Just you wait, you are going to freak out and no, I am not pregnant. It’s better… It’s about shopping!

When I get back to the States, after I have smothered all of my friends with hugs and kisses, stared at the ocean for 5 hours, BBQ’ed at least 6 times, celebrated Gracie’s 21st birthday and watched E! for 10 hours to catch up on the “news”, after that you and I will start our new blogging life via California. I promise it won’t be boring and you won’t miss France one little bit.

I will be Instagramming every day on my journey home, so follow me HERE!

Au Revoir, France!