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Surviving Thanksgiving

Just wanted to repost Ellie's Thanksgiving book since it's about that time and some may need and want it. Full of family stories, photos and recipes!

Also, thank you to everyone who has reached out over the past few months to offer their condolences. So much love to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


And So It Is Just Like You Said It Would Be

Eleanor Anne O’Connell Decret, fighter, writer, designer, inspiration,  and most importantly, my mother, passed away two weeks ago. Despite her putting so much of her life on her blog to the public, she was a private person when the times got tough. There were ups and downs, and she shared most all of these moments but because of her humor, she never let anyone know when times got really bad. She passed away peacefully in her Montecito home, surrounded by loved ones on August 30th, 2016. (Someone also told me it is the same date Princess Diana died but Paris time. If true, this would have made her so morbidly happy) It is not up to me to give more details even though I know people want as much as they can get as her story is ending. I like to think it was just me that she was fighting to stay alive for, but I know it was a mixture of me and you -- all of you. She thrived on your comments and cards; cheering her up even in her darkest days. Some of you have been following her from the very beginning, all the way back in 2008 I think. She had always been a great writer and finally found an outlet where she was able to say whatever the fuck she wanted, with no repercussions as it was all hers. I am not a writer like she was, I don’t know how to write a touching tribute to her for all of you to read so I thought I could share some little bits about her that I don’t think she has written about (maybe she just deemed them unimportant, but now they all seem important).

Secretly her favorite restaurant was the French Market in Disneyland California. It the only place we eat when we go to Disneyland; she loved the buffet of French Dip Sandwiches and Mac and Cheese and an icy cold Coca Cola.

She once gave away my dog while I was at school.   She said he was ugly (he was a Chihuahua, so fair enough). 
But she also once surprised me with a new bike in our yard when I was at school.

Her favorite book was A Prayer for Owen Meany. (My aunt has had a copy of it for 6 years but still hasn't read it. )

When I was 16, I went to Times Square.  Without an adult.  And she found out. I had to wait inside TGIF’s until she personally escorted me home in a cab. That was the closest Ive been to death so far.

She loved a good theme. Most of my Christmas presents had a theme if I had expressed an interest in anything about a month before December. I took a painting class in 5th grade, and all my presents that year were art themed, the next year, horses. 

Everyday after school we would go to Jamba Juice and we would split a chocolate cherry smoothie and a parmesan soft pretzel. 

Her favorite holiday for decorating the house was Halloween. She would use tea to dye cloth and drape them all over the house. We had these skull lanterns that are still somewhere in storage, that lined our walk way up to our front door where she would only buy white or green-grey pumpkins. Hated it as a kid, think it looks amazing now and will never buy an orange pumpkin. 

Her last meal was Taco Bell, so she died happy.

Her most embarrassing moment was when she ran into her ex French boyfriend in Paris, coming out of Zara covered in dog poop. 

I know she would have loved Rob & Chyna on E! that came out a few days ago, if she had known it was premiering so soon, she would have hung on a little longer I think. 

She used to steal Hydrangea’s from our neighbors, which Yolanda would then steal from us. 

She wanted to be remembered as mother and when I asked her if there was anything else, she said no, that was the most important aspect of her life.

Somehow, even though she was just a head, she wrote a book. She left a great legacy of sharing her story with everyone who needed some inspiration.  Especially for those when nothing seems to be going their way. I know all of you wanted her to keep fighting but the truth is, she was tired; we were all tired. She worked constantly on her book and now it has become a way for her to be forever with us through her story. We wanted to reopen the sale of my mom’s book, as I will not be able to keep up her blog to her high standards.  She had a sense of humor that no one, not even Chelsea Handler could compete with. Her voice was so clear in her writings, sometimes too clear even. She had the ability to connect and automatically be loved by all even if she was insulting you, a truly unique trait of her. People just loved to be around her. 

I want to thank everyone for their support and kind words. It is truly remarkable seeing all this support from people all over the world. She is still here though, I can feel her haunting me sometimes.

The Journey Home

Well hello, surprise surprise, I'm still here.
It has been a long and not so easy transition back to the  US, but let me back up… how did I even get here you  ask? Three words: planes, trains, and automobiles. I  remember years ago when Gracie and I were traveling  around Europe via train for the summer...we had six  suitcases, a giant Mac desktop computer for Gracie’s  homeschooling, and a ten week old French bulldog puppy  who wasn’t exactly potty trained yet, and my god, that  summer was a nightmare. But now, looking back at what I  just went through getting to the US, that summer with  Gracie was a piece of cake. However, with the help of my  friends, family and caregivers, I got back to Santa  Barbara, California in one piece. Don't feel too bad for me,  it was rather luxurious.     My sister arrived to Paris July 25 to take me home. (Yes,  I'm talking to her again). I wish I could have taken my  three caregivers back with me but one of them does not  have a passport, one of them has no travel visa and the  other has political asylum in Paris. Trust me, the word  “smuggling” crossed my mind, but I am probably in  enough trouble with the Parisian Palliative Care Center
already. However, I did take them as far as I could, which  was to the private airport in Marseille… but let's back up.   On July 31, David put my two caregivers, my sister  and me on the south bound train from Paris to Provence. It  was a complete necessity that I spend 3 days in Provence  so that I didn’t hate France forever and it worked. My  sister, the caregivers and I were fortunate enough to stay  at Romy and the Apricot’s beautiful villa in the South of  France. If you don’t remember who they are...Click HERE.

 Don't be too jealous… I still have ALS and someone still  has to wipe my tushy everyday :). We arrived in Aix en  Provence to my friend’s house on a perfect summer day.  We were greeted with open hugs and kisses from  everyone… my friends, their staff and the dog, Lupo. Five  minutes later we were seated at the beautifully dressed  lunch table shaded by a chestnut tree. Meal after meal,  breakfast, lunch, and dinner was complete perfection; from  the table setting, the perfect ambiance to the painstakingly  organized menu by their cook, Christina. My friends even  brought their cook, Sao, from their other house near Italy  to make her special pizza. Even though I can barely  swallow, I had a few bites of those pizzas… I didn't care if  I choked to death. If I choke to death in the South of  France in a beautiful villa surrounded by my friends eating  gourmet pizza.. so be it. I can think of worse ways to die.

Saturday at lunch, Romy put on her favorite song. It is  a French song called “Eleanor” and the lyrics had us all  balling our eyes out. I thought my sister was going to have  a stroke. I think it was the first time my sister realized how  much Romy and the Apricot and I love each other. You  really cannot find better friends.  It was very emotional in  the very best way. I was so happy to have spent these few  days talking and hanging out with my friends. I still  officially hate France but the three days spent with them  put a little Band­Aid on my bruised soul (more on that  later).

On the third day we headed to the Marseille private  airport to catch my flight back to the US.  This didn't suck either.  My friend G.P. graciously  offered to fly me home on his plane, which happened to be  a 727 private jet. G.P and I have been friends for years  and he is one of the kindest most generous gentleman I  have ever met in my life and he is not fucking obnoxious  about it... he is soft spoken, humble, and a class act. I  wouldn't be so gauche as to post photos of his plane but if  you want to see it (you should) you can see the whole kit  and caboodle in Architectural Digest, Click HERE. This  was the most beautiful plane I have ever seen, decorated  by the lovely Craig Wright who also happened to decorate  my friend Diandra Douglas’ house in Spain and in Santa  Barbara. Wanna see? Click HERE and HERE. Mr. Wright
also happens to be a true gentleman in every sense as well.  Now, back to the plane…  G.P gave my sister and I basically the back living  room of his plane. Carmel covered leather seats, Ralph  Lauren bedding, huge fur blankets, three course meals  (tomato mozzarella basil salad, filet mignon with mashed  potatoes and green beans, and chocolate cake for dessert) but that wasn't all... my sister had about 24 cups  of tea served in an antique 1940’s Art Deco tea set, 14  candy bars, 17 bags of chips, 23 sticks of gum, and a  gourmet breakfast to boot.     The best part about the plane ride was that there were  only 10 people on the plane and I knew everyone of them.  So, it was like traveling with family except no one bothered  me.  Remember Chapter 19 of my book? They were on the  plane and I was actually so happy to see them that I  almost cried. Isn’t it funny how time heals everything?     12 hours later (which actually only felt like 3) we were  back on American soil.  If I could have kissed the tarmac I  would have.  I have never been so happy to see the Los  Angeles smog in my entire life.  I am finally home.  I  survived France. 

I have so much to tell all of you but I have to go slow  because my voice is almost gone.  This is what I had in  mind…. The next few blogs will be about why I left stupid  France, why I moved back to my beloved Santa Barbara,  my new house and the best news is that I have some  more antique sales left in me!  I think you all will really like  the next sale.     Thank you all for being patient with me… I am still on my  last leg but I have so much to tell you...but it is just going  to take me a little time.

   ● Something you don’t know about me?  I shipped back  to the US every single solitary card that all of you sent  me. I am so appreciative of your kindness, your well  wishes, and your friendship. Your cards mean  everything to thank you.

Embracing My Inner Bedouin

You all must think I am crazy…going from Santa Barbara to Annecy to Paris to Provence back to Paris and now…back to Santa Barbara...with ALS. But guess what? I just want to go home and home to me is Santa Barbara. I am all packed and will depart France on Sunday the 31st and will be sleeping in my own bed in Santa Barbara Sunday night…the exact same place I left 3 years ago…the same address…the same place where I raised Gracie…my home. Who says you can’t go home again?

I will tell you all about it next week when I am settled but until then, follow me on Instagram HERE for all the details.

To all my friends in Santa Barbara, come over…you know where I am. (Bring cocktails).

Cuz Ya Can't Take It With Ya... 50% Off Sale

It’s your lucky day!
 I have a few pieces left in the "French Style Category" on the shop and guess what? Since I cannot take it all with me on the plane, I am offering it to you at HALF OFF!
I have to sell it all before I leave July 31st so CLICK and SHOP!
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These are great pieces at phenomenal prices so don’t miss out! Everything you purchase will be shipped before I leave!
The sale starts now!

Current Mood

Bonjour from Paris... Said with little enthusiasm. Everyone in Paris is gearing up for the big festivities for Bastille Day, July 14th, but I don’t give a shit because all I want to do is get back to the US and go to Taco Bell.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to leave this God forsaken city. All I can think about is California…I even listened to a Norah Jones album yesterday, for God’s sake. Shoot me if I start listening to Jack Johnson. I have big plans when I get back to the US but for now let’s focus on getting me out of Paris.

I have a huge surprise for you on Friday. You have to follow me on Instagram HERE to be the first in the know. If you don’t “DO” Instagram, check the blog Friday for the surprise.

The Online Shop is Open!

The Shop is Open!

All of the new products are under the  French Style category.

Remember, if something is sold out, just email me at: and I will order more for you.
All of your orders will be shipped this week before I leave for the Grand Ole USA (I leave France August 1st).


Our Last Tango in Paris

Well, my friends, as you know I am leaving Paris. I am leaving happily but I will never forget everything that I have seen, learned, explored and experienced… and I will bring all of this back with me and it will remain with me throughout my life. Grace has one more year left at college in Paris… don’t worry, the little brat/angel will be fine without me until she graduates in May.
Over the next few weeks we will discuss more about why I want to go home…no big deal but I think it will be interesting to share with you as I am sure a lot of you have the same sentiments. However, today I am still in Paris and we have some very exciting news to discuss!
This will be my last Have Some Decorum Home Shop sale from Paris and boy, is it going to be exciting. It all involves a charming back story…
Let me start by saying that not everything can be an antique, ya know! The French know this best… It is all about an eclectic sensibility… combining the “vrai with the faux.” That is to say, true design is incorporating the real with the reproduction and there is no shame in that! A whole house of antiques is called a museum…not a home.
In Paris, there is a shop dedicated to this design philosophy. The clever owner is dedicated beyond belief to the craft of offering true French designs based on originals. Scouring the country of France, the owner purchases all of the originals and takes them back to his atelier, works with his craftsmen to replicate down to the exact detail a new life for the pieces…and offers them to you.
The success of my shop, Circa, in Santa Barbara was based on the same philosophy…to combine the old with the new. And today, by the grace of God, I have been selected/vetted to offer the line to you. Trust me, this was no easy feat and I have been working on it for almost a year. None of these pieces that will be sold on the Have Some Decorum Home Shop, Friday July 8, are available in the US. This is purely “a French thing.”
All of the designs are based on originals…at a fraction of the price…but have the same joie de vivre of the French style.
I have selected 8 styles to start with and we will grow from there…let’s take a look…
There is nothing more French than a French barometer! Every detail is perfect down to the patina to the French script. Purely decorative, this barometer would be perfect in any room of your house. 
You know how I love my French herbiers and these do not disappoint! Sold as a set of 4, they are to die for.
My heart always lies with chinoiserie but it is getting harder and harder to find the originals these days so we are fortunate that I will have 2 different styles that will always be available. A set of huge tea boxes that are so perfectly French chinoiserie, you will never know that these are reproductions and who cares if they are…they are fabulous. Secondly, we can never have enough chinoiserie boxes and now we will never run out!
A set of brass snails! My favorites! A perfect charming French decorative item that brings a sense of French whimsy to any décor… In a bookshelf, on a coffee table, on a stack of books, on the dining room table setting…anywhere!
You know all of those beautiful blue and white chinoiserie vases? Well, now we have a place to put them…on these perfection of perfection French gilt wall brackets! I have 2 sizes available.

Now, nothing says “French” like lighting. The French have perfected the art of lighting. The first day that this shipment of lamps arrived to our shop from France to Santa Barbara we sold out of them in 15 minutes. You just can’t get this kind of French classicism in regular ole America. I will have 2 styles available on the shop Friday. The first is a charming electrified lantern that would be perfect on your desk, your bedside table, even outdoors! The second style is the lamp that everyone wants when they come to my apartment. A brass and glass lamp with an oval gold shade. It is marvelous!

This is a very exciting sale and everything will be shipped to you before I leave for America. After this sale, our beloved little Gracie will take over the handling of these “French Style Reproduction.” I will select the merchandise and Gracie will make sure it gets to you within a weeks’ time. This month we have 8 styles but there will be so many more added in the future…candelabras, mirrors, lamps and more decorative items… We will never go without!
The sale starts Friday July 8, 2016 at exactly 10am Pacific Standard Time. I have just started with limited quantities but if something is sold out that you had your heart set on, just email me and I will order more for you.
This is super exciting because all of the pieces are only available in France and on the Have Some Decorum Home Shop!
Happy shopping!