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Wallpaper and I have made amends.

Remember when wallpaper was lame? Wallpaper and the decorating world have a very rocky relationship. One day they like each other, one day they hate each other. Their relationship goes way, way back so who are we to judge. Currently, wallpaper has been given a reprieve once again. I can’t imagine a life without wallpaper now. Plain painted walls seem so lazy. Like, “I’ve given up. I have no inspiration.” This being 2014, there are so many options for wallpaper that it’s almost overwhelming… even for me. Do you go old school chinoiserie floral? Do you go nouveau? Can you mix the two? Ahhhh… So many choices! My only advice is not to go stupid. Keep your head about you. Think this out and don’t just choose a chevron print because it is in fashion. You know the question, “How do you know if you have made it in life?” For me, it’s not a Ferrari or Birkin bag. It’s if you can finally afford Zuber wallpaper. Three of the most prestigious wallpaper companies are Zuber, de Gournay and Gracie. All historical, all glorious and all expensive. So expensive that even Zuber has a sort of “disclaimer” on their website that says, “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.” But don’t worry, even if we can’t afford these wallpapers there are other wallpapers that are just as beautiful. Well, not really, but we will have to make do. I found some wallpapers that are remarkable, inspiring and affordable. First, let’s look at the reigning queens of wallpaper, the chic yet well priced wallpaper, and then, as usual let’s look at some really horrid wallpaper. Okay, those were the grande dames of wallpaper. Now let's look at their chic cousins.
In my book, you can literally never go wrong with toile wallpaper. Ever.
Do you remember the company Pierre Deux? I used the above Pierre Deux wallpaper with the yellow background in a bathroom because I had to work with vintage pink tiles. It turned out great. I added blue-and-white chinoiserie pots with orchids and a vintage bamboo cabinet for the towels.
Okay, now let's look at a few cute wallpapers for children.
Okay, now for some crappy wallpapers…
God, those were horrible. Let's end on a good note with my favorite wallpaper of all time.