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Who You Callin’ a Tart?

Its finally beginning to feel like summer here in Paris. However, I wish I were in Provence. Yes, I am remorseful that I had to leave my soon to be first summer in Provence because my stupid ALS forced me back to Paris. Woe is me, right? But honestly, Paris sucks in the summer. But as usual, I will make the best of it. The best thing to do in the summer in Paris is to leave Paris and that is just what I plan on doing as much as I can. For David’s birthday last weekend, we hightailed it out of Paris to a very special place that I will tell you all about next week. Next week, my new eye tracking software should arrive and after I learn how to use it, I will be back to blogging on a regular basis.

It is difficult for me now to blog because my voice is weak and my caregivers don’t give a shit about my blog. They care about keeping me alive and getting paid… not necessarily in that order. But, if there is a will, there is a way and by God, I will be back to blogging soon.

In the meantime, let’s look at some gorgeous tomato tarts. I put together a whole Pinterest board dedicated to tomato tarts HERE. I cannot really eat much so Pinterest has become my food porn. All I do is look at food. So, this next week is going to be all about food… summer food.

Let’s start with tomato tarts…
Tomato Tart with Blue Cheese 
Tomato Ricotta Phyllo Tart

Cherry Tomato Tart with Feta

Puff Pastry Tomato Tart with Macadamia Nut Pesto

 Fresh Tomato Tart

Follow my Tomato Tart Pinterest Board HERE.

*Something you don’t know about me? Even though I am a devout Real Housewives fan, I am proud of my friend, Yolanda Hadid, for exiting the show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, gracefully. Yolanda intelligently wants to focus on restoring her health, continuing to mother her children and regaining some privacy… and for that, I admire her. Just for the record I will never watch the show again… yes I will.


  1. These are the best looking bunch of tomato tarts I've seen since....I lived in Paris. Yes, summer in Paris can suck but thankfully you are not this side of the pond where I have yet to have a decent tomato tart. Glad to hear you and David got away for his b-day. Can't wait to hear all about it, and yes, I am glad Yolanda is concentrating on herself and her family. I don't know her of course but she seems absolutely lovely.

  2. I'm so glad you're able to begin blogging again; I've missed you! Hang in there Ellie!

  3. You get more loveable all the time!!!! So happy to hear you got out and about with David.

    The tarts look Amazing! Yumm-eee. And I agree about Yolanda; everything she does is classy. :)

    I look forward to all your posts and pray for your comfort and enjoyment.... Basia XXOO

  4. Ok, now I know what to do with the pile of tomatoes my man just brought in from his garden. Yum!

  5. Oh my. Food porn indeed!
    I'm blushing. I can't wait for my tomatoes to be ready.
    The best sandwich ever is bacon, lettuce, tomatoes with avocado slices, homemade mayo and fresh ground pepper.
    I will never go back to store bought mayo.
    My big tomatoes (slicing size tomatoes? I don't know the proper term) are not doing well. Very few blossoms and the plants are overall sort of scrawny.
    My grape tomatoes are doing very well, with many fruit, all green but seem on track for my area.
    Thank you for the tarts.

  6. Babes, this made me sad. Your ALS does too but you are still so funny and so beautiful (its hard to pull off beautiful with that thing on your nose but you manage!) but this made me sad. I will make a tomato tart and think of you. xoxo from Connecticut. And ps! catch the southern charm on Bravo - more hilarious than housewives. pps! say hi to all the men under ur window, bet that wouldnt happen in Providence!

  7. I am so hungry thanks to you!!!! Love your spirit! And no, I will not watch RHBH, Yolanda was the show!
    Best wishes to you sweet girl!

  8. So glad to hear you got to go on birthday mini-trip with David. You deserve all the sunshine that can come your way! Looking forward to hearing where you went. Much aloha from Budapest - from your most faithful Hawaii follower.

  9. Okay I was just having intense thoughts about tomato tarts yesterday. I was wondering why no one else seems to pair tomato and orange? One of my favorite variations on a tomato tart is to do an orange slice for every two tomatoes. So good. I think my favorite tomato tart is pastry with fennel infused butter, filling that's half Philadelphia cream cheese (God bless America) and half goat cheese, and green zebra tomatoes. Blind bake the pastry, spread a 1 inch thick mantle of filling, and then pile green zebra wedges in with basil tucked around. Salt heavily and serve in no less than ten minutes and no more than eleven. RHOBH is a sinking ship so Yolanda is wise to jump the fuck off. It's so bad.

  10. So happy about your eye tracking software. It sounds amazing...and you are too for continually learning new things. Looking forward to hearing about your weekend "away." You and David certainly deserve some R&R. I'm glad Yolanda quit BHHW - she was the only touch of class on that show, which I only watched for you. Ha! However, with Y. gone, it's history. You've inspired me to try that tomato tart recipe I tore out of a magazine months ago. Wish I could share a slice with you and you didn't have to rely on "food porn." However, with my cooking, you might be better off with the photos.

  11. So glad that you were able to blog today - made my day! I look forward to more blogs when your new equipment arrives.
    Beautiful tart photos! Nothing beats a tomato fresh from the garden; my dad grew them all summer. For lunch, my mom often made homemade pizzas with sliced tomatoes instead of pizza sauce. There is a French "deli" nearby, and the tasty slices of tomato tart go quickly when they are available.
    I look forward to hearing about your adventures out of the city.
    Hugs from Olivia.

  12. Have you watched the new segment on Vice on the research being done on ALS (too slowly)? I thought of you the whole segment. Glad you are getting new software that will allow you some freedom to express yourself even more. Hang in there, so happy to hear from you!!

  13. Didn't we do a joint posting last year on tomatoes?? And I think in there somewhere was my old school Frenchy tomato tart: puff pastry, mustard, garden tomatoes, emmenthal cheese on top, fresh herbs de Provence. Am missing that one this year!

    Love you bella. I can't wait for you to get moving with your eye recognition software and that you were able to get out of town for David's bday makes me sooo happy!

  14. Great to hear from you! You had me at that first tart!

  15. Those pictures of tarts look kind of like Pop Art paintings. AND food porn! I have lots of food porn on my Pinterest as well. Food porn, clothing porn, kitchen porn, all of the porn a woman like me enjoys. I am so happy to read your blog, always enjoy you so much. Paris might suck in summer, but I would not mind being there to see for myself! Ha! Hope that you can have some fun getaways! xo!

  16. You had me at Tomato Tart with Blue Cheese...preferably a Gorgonzola Dolce ;)

    Ellie I just watched the documentary trailer. It was a thrill to SEE you and David, but HEARING you speak was Super Special! I look forward to the rest of your conversation with Paul Cox. When it finished, all I could think of was that blue-green algae superfood, Spirulina, that took the health food industry by storm in the early 80's. I looked it up and found "Spirulina is a form of cyanobacterium, some of which are known to produce toxins such as microcystins, BMAA" and that "microcystins are of concern, because of the potential risk of toxicity to several organ systems." Apparently they still add it to other supplements which makes me wonder if you had a contaminated batch somewhere down the road. :( Until they find the cause, I'll keep praying for a CURE! XOX

  17. Your post is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing your spirit and food porn with us! These tarts are beautiful. I had the brief thought that maybe I would try and make one for the 4th of July but not sure that will be happening (will probably stick with the much easier capreze salad). Have a wonderful day.

  18. Food porn is my favorite kind, with decor porn a close second. Or maybe vice versa.
    I make a pretty awesome cherry tomato tarte tatin. It's very easy, too.
    Have fun on your getaway. I am constantly inspired by how much you do. You are amazing.

  19. So, if we're going to talk about food porn, I just have to throw this out there, because in the off-chance you're not already familiar, this will make you a very happy girl:

    And OBVIIIIously, I follow ALL of your Pinterest boards, Ellie.

    Your #1 Stalker

  20. Will somebody volunteer to cook all these tarts and report back to us which is the best one?

    Ellie, I would love to see that movie on ALS starring YOU!

  21. Oh, these look so good! I love summertime tomatoes. It is nice to see you blogging again. Good luck with the new software. Love and peace to you.