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Let's Get into It… French Wicker

Now that I have opened this Provence can of worms, let’s beat it to death with more conversations about Provence. Why not, it’s summer! If you’re not up for more Provence posts, tune out for a few days because I plan on getting into it. Today, I am all obsessed with French wicker.

 Every good Provence house has a bit of wicker. Whether it is a wicker lounge chair, wicker basket or a wicker table… it is definitely a Provence necessity.

Obviously, you don’t have to live in Provence to have wicker. It works anywhere. Well, maybe not anywhere but mostly anywhere. Well, maybe not mostly anywhere but lots of places.

Years ago, my mother had this amazeballs house in Summerland, California near Santa Barbara. It was way high up on a hill overlooking the ocean. It was on a lot of acres but the house was only one bedroom! So, needless to say all of the entertaining was done outdoors. We did everything in wicker. I think we had at least 20 or more wicker chairs, rockers and chaise lounges. We bought them all in a natural color. I found a couple pictures… By the way, my mother designed the stone patio, the stone wall and the stone fire pit.

Then… My mother moved a mile away to Montecito, California. She was sick of the small house because none of the grandkids could spend the night. So she bought this big old house that she started remodeling 15 minutes after she bought it. I mean that literally. But, the natural color wicker did not work anymore so what do you do? You bribe all of your children and grandchildren to come over and spray paint the chairs sage green. All of them. I found some pictures… By the way, see that lattice loggia? My mother designed it, built it and painted it by herself with the help of the handyman. Did I mention that my family is a little design obsessed?

You can find wicker new, vintage and antique. Try, Alhambra Antiques, One Kings Lane, eBay, Serena & Lily, or FMF Compagnie . But, it’s your lucky day because I’m going to divulge another interior design secret source. This time it’s for wicker. Check out Mainly Baskets. It is where my mother and I bought all of our outdoor wicker chairs and baskets. The best. It’s to the trade only but I know you guys will figure it out. I’m starting to feel like Robin Hood. Ha ha Ha.

So that’s it for my wicker obsession today. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s obsession. à tout à l'heure!


  1. I'm not a wicker fan (no covered areas for it in front or back of house and it rains too much in TN to leave it out). But you did make me totally crave a good baguette with some olive oil...YUM. :)

  2. I am still mad at my honey for making me get rid of our chaise like the second from the bottom photo (and it had leather trim!) but loved these photos...especially of your Moms abodes. I actually now live in the wicker capital of Provence, believe it or not! Which explains why I was able to buy an antique trunk for 20€ at a vide-grenier this summer. ;)