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Parisian Apartment. Part Sept. L’appartement: Boiserie.


sculptured paneling, especially that of French architecture in the 18th century.
1825–35;  < French:  wainscot, equivalent to bois  wood + -erie -ery

Luckily, sometimes the French can’t leave well enough alone. Such is the case with bare walls, doors and ceilings in Parisian apartments. Everything is adorned. Hallelujah.

 Boiserie doesn’t have to be all fancy pants. Even if you have gilt boiserie all over your apartment, you can still have a sense of modernism, depending on the type of furniture you use.

Honestly, after living in a Parisian apartment with boiserie, I can’t imagine living with plain walls. That would be like living in a mental institution. Except, I guess I could live with unadorned walls of an architecturally Spanish or Italian villa. But that’s it. Everything else would be blah. Except, I guess I could live with unadorned walls of a shingled beach house. But that’s it. Except, I guess I could live with unadorned walls of a French farmhouse. Okay, so I guess I could live without boiserie… But not in Paris.

Okay, let’s see where we are at. Arrondissement, check. La Porte,check. Concierge, check. Elevator, check. Hardwood floors, check. High ceilings, check. Boiserie, check. Next up, stay tuned for Parisian Apartment. Part Huit. L’apparrtement: Fireplaces and Gilt mirrors.


  1. Do you know of the blog Belgian Pearls? Greet is a lovely woman and is the fourth generation to run her families company, Lefevre Interiors, specializing guessed it...boiserie. And I agree with Elizabeth, these photos are all luverly.