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Me Likey White Jeans

Summer isn’t summer without white jeans. Right? I can’t really wear shorts anymore because my legs are like little toothpicks. My daughter likes to tease me and say that I finally reached my “supermodel weight.” Thanks ALS. So, white jeans are my summer staple. White jeans look good with everything. Chambray shirt, gray T-shirt, leopard print, chunky sweaters, camel colored jacket, espadrilles, high heels, flats and even Converse. I hate when people say not to wear white after Labor Day. That’s so dumb. I have two words for them: winter white. It’s called fashion. Look it up.

Here’s the thing though. Not everyone can wear white jeans. We all have our limitations in fashion. For example, I don’t look good in shorts, the color yellow, flared jeans, or trenchcoats. White jeans are not forgiving. It’s life, don’t beat yourself up about it. Wear something else. Just saying. Don’t shoot the messenger.

My bestie friend Yolanda really knows how to pull off white jeans. She always has. You kind of want to hate her because she looks so good in white jeans but you can’t because she was born with perfectly perfect long legs and it’s not her fault. Poor Yolanda.

I found this website called Rank And Style that has the top 10 white jeans for summer. J.Crew , The Gap  and my favorite Victoria Beckham were not on the list but I think they deserve a mention. Who makes your favorite white jeans?


  1. Love white jeans and with chambray shirts, the best. The worst is too tight of white jeans, oye. I do agree some body types are not made for certain items. If only brands would do everyone a favor and not make all clothes in all sizes. I for one would not be offended.

  2. Whoever invented that low-rise pant ???

    He did not have me in mind! Are you kidding? Finally......"whataretheycalled"??? ("high-rise"? how about normal pants!!

  3. White jeans=Tonne Goodman=style icon. So they are just fine by me. Even though there is definitely something of the class snobism about them when worn in Paris aka "they are clean because all I do is step out of my chauffered car to get where I am going." Non? ;)

    Since I have gained weight (I am now between an American 12 or 14 depending), I have realized that they are still possible but there are two rules: stretch is absolutely verboten and they must be classic straights. Oh Helmut Lang why did you retire? He would have known what I am talking about. PS. One of the few "in your dreams" bags of clothing that I am keeping "just in case" I am ever skinny again is filled with his jeans because they were, quite simply, the best ever.

  4. A thousand times yes: both to white jeans and to white after early Sept. Shame I am the muckiest puppy who, even if I am not anywhere near spaghetti sauce, will manage to drizzle it all over any snowy colour I wear.