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Yacht, non. Riva, oui.

I am not really a yacht type of girl. That’s probably due to my aversion towards plastic, fiberglass and tackiness. I am more of a classic wooden boat type of girl. Not that I own a boat or want to own a boat but if I’m forced to go on a boat I would prefer it to be wooden, s’il vous plaît.

However, I have to say that I am pretty sure I would enjoy Valentino’s boat. Also, Yolanda and David Foster invited me on a spectacular yacht a couple of summers ago that I loved. Why? Because inside, it was mostly woodpaneled. It was like a traveling house on water. But other than that, I am not into yachts.

I love the wooden boats. There’s something so classic, so stylish and so chic about them. I am not any expert but I just sort of know what I like. I think they are called Chris CraftHacker-Craft, FrauscherRiva or something like that.

I spent a wonderful afternoon on a Chris-Craft boat in St. Tropez with my father’s friend, his wife and their friend the actor, Seymour Cassel. Remember him? We packed a wonderful picnic lunch and drank rosé wine. This was very exciting for me because here I was drinking alcohol at age 19 legally! We anchored the boat in front of Brigitte Bardot’s house. How’s that for a table with a view!

Do you think that I have exhausted Provence/south of France/French Riviera/Cote d’azure? I’m not bored with it yet so I’m going to keep going. Sorry.

 A tout á l’heure!

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  1. Riva all the way. The only yacht that ever got my approval was the T'ia Moana because honestly? Who doesn't want to float from Bora Bora to Tahaa and Huahine? There were touches by Philippe Starck and Kenzo in the cabins. We would do things like go swimming amidst the sharks and then when we would come up the cute frenchy waiters had surprised us by setting up a floating champagne bar. Tacky? A little but worth it. PS. That was a press trip. ;)