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Top 10 Things I Hate This Week.

Round rugs

The word “tablescape”

Men who wear tank tops

Chefs who get so close to the plate they are preparing

People who have “Tuscan villas” outside of Tuscany

Celebrity perfume

Adults who skateboard

Wharf themed restaurants

Hotel pools

Capped teeth


  1. Good ones. I particularly agree with celebrity perfumes. They always give me headaches.

    Mine are: (Not that you care, but it seemed like fun and I enjoyed yours!)

    Humidity. Yuck on damp, hot air.

    Anyone who is mean to a defenseless animal. This would include that poor camel who if he could speak, would probably say, "Get all this crap off my face and neck!".

    Public restrooms. Gross.

    People who use a zillion hashtags on Instagram.


    Most of the "adults" at my job.

    Unpainted toenails. Dress those babies up.

    Pigeons. They creep me out. I don't hate them, but ewww.

    Those horrid bachelor/dancing type reality shows.

    Lima beans.

  2. Just saw a FB picture of a man whom I had previously thought attractive in a tank top. He is off my list now.

  3. I'd like to add men wearing open toed shoes when not within 100 feet from a pool or the ocean.