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Afternoon Tea With the Man about Town: Derek Blasberg

Derek Blasberg
Photo by Terry Richardson
Good ole Instagram. It’s been fun these past few days hasn’t it? The good news is that I learned that Instagram has a “block follower” button. Hallelujah!

I don’t follow that many people on Instagram… Only 107 people. But let me tell you, those 107 people are stellar. My most favorite person on Instagram to follow is my daughter. I use it more like a tracking device. However, she has blocked me. I have no idea why. :-)

My next favorite person to follow on Instagram is @thefatjewish. Usually makes me laugh out loud every day. And finally, I never go a day without checking DerekBlasberg on Instagram.

 I don’t know how I started following Derek because I usually only follow people I know or anything that has to do with interior design. Derek is the crown prince of fashion so why would I be following him? Because he is hysterical, that’s why.

Let’s start with a little background… According to his website,, Derek is “currently the Editor at Large of Harper’s Bazaar, and the Editor at Large of V magazine and VMAN, the fashion titles from the art collective Visionaire. He is also the founder of, a website from the NowManifest and Fairchild media groups. In his career, Blasberg has contributed articles to a variety of publications, including numerous international editions of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, W, Womens Wear Daily, WSJ. Magazine, the New York Times, TeenVogue, the London Sunday Times, Elle, 10, and Another Magazine. From 2006 to 2010, Blasberg was the Editor at Large of, where he wrote a column called The Blasblog. From 2009 to 2012, he kept a column called Fast + Louche for Interview magazine.

Like I said, Derek is the crown prince of fashion. On top of that, he is adored by fashion royalty including the likes of @KarlLagerfeld, @CarineRoitfeld (former editor of French Vogue and current editor of CR Fashion Book), Lauren Santo Domingo @thelsd of, my favorite reality star @KimKardashian, supermodels @KarlieKloss, @CaraDelevingne, @JoanSmalls and of course our beloved @GigiHadid



Derek Blasberg with Lauren Santo Domingo
It seems like Derek is in a new city every other day doing fabulous stuff. I don’t know what exactly that fabulous stuff is but it’s all fabulous, of course. Without fail, Derek was in Paris last week hanging out with the Who’s Who of Fashion Week including our beloved Gigi. Gigi knows that I absolutely adore Derek so she immediately arranged an introduction. 

The very next day, Derek Blasberg was on his way to my apartment for tea! Truth be told, if you told me that I had a choice of the President of the United States or Derek Blasberg to have over for tea, I would without a blink of the eye choose Derek. Is that shallow? I don’t care. So, needless to say, I was a wee bit excited. 

As I expected, Derek was a treat. Polite, cordial and engaging. This is not a surprise as Derek is a New York Times best-selling author of a book on etiquette titled, Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady. Casual and affable, we had a wonderful chitchat covering everything from interior design, fashion to the art world. This is definitely my kind of guy!

All of my friends know how completely obsessed I am with a website called PaperlessPost. It is a website where you can send cards, any type of card/invitation via email. For me, it is genius, as I am unable to physically write a card. I use the website every single week for invitations, thank you cards or birthday cards. They even have personalized stationery! Oh my God, I love it so much. I usually go straight to my favorite cards designed by interior designer, Kelly Wearstler but now I have just learned that Derek has his own line of cards on Paperless Post as well! Woo-hoo! Check it out HERE but first let’s take a look at some of my favorites from Derek…

Saving the best for last, I really love Derek’s sense of humor. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, is totally self-effacing, witty and completely down to earth. It’s always nice to have a fellow Missourian right here in Paris craving Steak-n-Shake just like I am. Derek will be back in Paris for haute couture week in July and I am looking forward to growing our friendship because he definitely puts a smile on my face. 

Do yourself a favor and start following Derek wherever you can… Instagram (@derekblasberg), Twitter (@DerekBlasberg), or his website ( Keep up keep up!


Tomorrow is our last little series for fashion week… Stay tuned for Parisian street style.


  1. Lucky Derek to have tea with you ! Big love , A

  2. Nice, I will follow him on Instagram
    The Girl from Québec city

  3. So glad it worked out for you two to meet! IG is included in my social media ban but I might sneak on and look through his photos. I read a Q&A with him and he said he hates cilantro! No one's perfect I guess. I wonder if in spite of being the paperless post, I can get those cards in physical form? Even though my handwriting looks like the work of a drunk toddler, I prefer handwritten when possible. But a great thing to know about. I'm sure the recipients of my notes would prefer it.

    1. Paperless Post allows you to order hard copies- amazing, right?! The only disappointing but is the quality of the paper.

  4. Why'd you change fonts???? I like your old font. Just sayin'.... I'll read you anyways.....

  5. Looks like yet another example of fabulous is as fabulous does...His book looks pitch perfect great too. I bet the conversation was flowing like a river. :) Thanks to you I am now a Paperless Post devotee and I have loved your other ig suggestions in the past so off I go to follow DB...

    Sending much Love and Strength northwards to you, as always.

  6. I've never heard of him! Popping over to follow. Anyone who can make me laugh is top notch in my book!

  7. Ellie what a fun and talented man. So good to hear you are both from Missouri. I am in the Kansas City area! Thanks for the info on Paperless Post! Derek's line is hilarious!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. I've been racking my - meager - brains trying to think who he looked like. James McAvoy!!!!

  9. Hi Ellie, I love Derek too since I am obsessed with the LSD lol yes I am a wee shallow but who cares, it is fun
    So jealous that you had tea with him he seems like such a polite and funny young man

  10. Thank you for sharing!! Can't wait to follow him. Sending big hugs!! I'm off to work! xo xo

  11. What Fun! You can see he has a natural joie de vivre. His Instagram photo with the Koala is too cute for words...he "bears" a striking resemblance to his furry friend. Have a great day (night) Ellie!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful visit, with plenty of topics to discuss. You also displayed proper etiquette by your reference of having Derek for "afternoon tea" instead of "high tea". People usually make that error trying to sound lofty, when in fact it is simply a dinner tea, that all classes partake of in Great Britain. Of course, it's not surprising that you would make the correct reference. As always, thanks again for a great post!

  13. Wonderful introduction of Mr. Blasberg to those of us no longer with-the-program. Just ordered his book and its sequel for my nieces birthday. Maybe she’ll listen to him . . . :-)