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Prêt-à-porter… Look it up.

Things are really starting to rev up over here in Paris. The fashion and the weather. Truth be told, I have not left my apartment since the fiasco at the Picasso Museum weeks ago. However, considering it is going to be 65°F on Sunday, Madame Decret is going outside! I will let you know how that goes. Keep your fingers crossed that it is not a debacle.

Keeping up with Paris Fashion Week, Friday’s schedule was jampacked from 9 AM to 9 PM. I watched all the fashion shows on my handy-dandy laptop from the comfort of my cozy apartment yet the only shows to write home about were Balenciaga, Christian Dior and Undercover.

Let’s start with Undercover. I have to admit, I had never heard of Undercover. And I also have to admit that I did not like the whole show... Just some of the show. But what I did like, I thought was rather stellar. What I also enjoyed was the whole “message” of Undercover. Fashion journalist Lily Templeton  explains it perfectly…"Clear, plastic masks forced the models' faces into insincere and disquieting smiles to go with their exaggeratedly proper wardrobe, hinting that putting an elegant brave face on it was the only way forward. There was a lot to take in at Undercover. While you were wondering about the artist whose painted faces occupy the surface of a dress - Michaël Borremans, you were missing the sequined knife embroidered on the back of a trench coat.”

Me likey… Take a look at my favorite looks. If you want to see the whole collection, click HERE, but honestly I will show you the best stuff so don’t really bother. :-)


Next up we have Christian Dior. As long as I’m being honest, the best thing about the show was the shoes. Chic colored vinyl midcalf boots and the “pop art camouflage” thigh high boots stole the show. Throw those in with a few artfully dyed fur coats and you’ve got yourself a collection! I also loved loved loved the midcalf boots with the tweed full-length coats. Check out the whole show HERE but first check out my favorites…


As the finale of Friday, Balenciaga was nothing less than Magnifique! Let’s start with the actual runway… Black and white windowpane checked… Just like the collection. Loved it! Proper and ladylike but with an edge. Just like me. Just kidding. No I’m not that is why I loved this collection. Designer Alexander Wang (my daughter, Gracie’s favorite) brought a little street to this proper collection with flat ankle boots. “Business in the front, party at the back.” The eveningwear knocked my socks off. Lady Gaga sat front row watching the whole show and you can as well HERE! Here are a few shots of my favorites… Love love love…


That’s it for Friday Paris Fashion Week show schedule. Saturday’s Schedule calls for Haider Ackermann, Elie Saab, Vivienne Westwood and more… Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for giving us the inside scoop on the world of the girls, clothes and designers. You make us feel like we belong to your clique of friends. Your warmth reaches us and makes us feel your friendly love. It feels good. Sending high vibrations back, love you, Elizabeth.

  2. Undercover has come a looong way from their asian punk beginnings but I bet those masks were mighty hard to breathe in under the lights. I didn't think it was possible for me to not love a Raf Simmons Dior show...but I really didn't save for the plexi heels. Off to watch the Balenciega show now...Merci, Ellie!

  3. Feel Like I am THERE with YOU watching the PARIS FASHION SHOWS.......I wonder if we would get tossed out for chatting too much!!!!!!!!XOXOX

  4. So fun to have fashion week in Paris curated by Ellie! What pressure on these designers to continually and consistently come up with fab yet unique looks for the runway. The real geniuses stand out

  5. I hope your outing goes smoothly and that the weather is conducive and will encourage you to explore more of your gorgeous city of is Spring weather here and the birds are singing, the sun is shining and there are flowers and trees blooming. While you are enjoying Fashion Week and sharing haute couture, Mother Nature is showing off her handiwork here in Victoria....BTW your post on the young models was an insightful insiders peek into what it takes to be in the business...not just a glamour job.

  6. Ellie, oh my the Balenciaga collections tales my breath away and I love it all! I would wear every single piece you showed!
    The Arts by Karena

  7. The overdyed furs are beautiful but what happened to the idea that we weren't wearing murdered animals' skins anymore? It was just a fad, I guess, for awhile for some, not a real commitment.

    1. Sheila, I would like for you to meet my friend Amy. Amy, meet Sheila.

  8. Who is Amy? It's probably Amy Adams or Amy Poehler, can't be Amy Winehouse. Can't think of too many famous Amys...I give up.

  9. Balenciaga . . . magnifique indeed!