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Can't Stop. Won't Stop. Paris Fashion Week Continues…

Paris in the springtime? Merveilleux. Paris in the springtime during Fashion Week? Intéressant. On any given day in Paris, Parisians step out with their A game. No one in Paris would be caught dead in sweats. During fashion week, it is even more evident that everyone is trying to bring their best. Sometimes even a wee bit too much but c’est la vie. This is fashion week for God sake, by all means bring out your fashion freak.

I finally went out on Sunday afternoon into the beautiful 70° Parisian weather. It seems as if the rest of Paris was outside as well. We took a five hour walk around the city from the Right Bank to the Left Bank. It was a feast for the eyes. I saw everything from a gaggle of nuns in their grey habits, adorable children riding dressed up donkeys in the Champ de Mars park with a background of the Eiffel tower, playful French young girls in their blue version of French Girl Scouts uniforms, Kanye West leaving L’ Avenue restaurant in a black “murdered out” Porsche, the Chloé fashion show venue at the Grand Palais, my old apartment in the 7th arrondissement, and a city full of Parisians enjoying the much needed sunshine. Never ever a dull day in Paris. Ever.

 Arriving back to my apartment in the early evening, my caregivers pealed me out of my skinny jeans (that’s not embarrassing at all) and cozied me into my J.Crew pajamas. My husband and I enjoyed our super fattening homemade macaroni and cheese with pancetta. The mac & cheese had three different types of cream! After I “came to” from my food coma, I watched all of Saturday and Sunday’s Paris Fashion Week fashion shows. I watched 22 fashion shows and was only impressed with three… Emanuele Ungaro, Chloé, and Givenchy. The Vivienne Westwood show was so disturbing I nearly had an epileptic stroke. As much as I wanted to like the Galliano show, I just couldn’t and not just because he is a racist. His show was quite frankly ridiculous. My usual favorite, Elie Saab, was not particularly impressive either. Haider Ackermann was like “whatever.” But it doesn’t matter because Ungaro, Chloé and Givenchy made up for what the others lacked. So, let’s get started…

Emanuele Ungaro. I have always loved Ungaro because it reminds me of my mother and my friend Ursula. They are definitely Ungaro women. Flowy and ladylike. Perfect for “end of season polo match party.” Don’t hate me, it’s true. Click HERE to see all of the looks, but first, here are some of my favorites…


Next up we have Chloé. I never get tired of the Boho chic look. Never, and Chloé did not disappoint. First let’s start with the front row celebrities. Poppy Delevingne, the sister of supermodel Cara Delevingne, was front and center along with one of my favorite “It Girls” Olivia Palermo. I love Olivia for the simple fact that she always looks super chic and she happens to be an alumni of my daughter’s school, American University of Paris. Now, on to the looks… I nearly love every single one. And that black scarf thing! I also loved the looks of the long flowy dresses with the strings. It reminded me of the Hasidic Jewish Tzitzit look. Do you want to know a secret? My cousin and I have always had huge crushes on the entire Hasidic Jewish population of boys. Anyway, back to fashion, this is a wearable collection… Definitely a Gypset look. All of the models had the Chloé girl look, hair parted in the middle, subtle dewy makeup. Check out my favorites below and then view the show HERE.



And now, Givenchy. I had to watch the show twice because the first go around I couldn’t stop looking at the models and thinking, “What the fuck is on their face?” It was totally distracting and I honestly did not see one outfit the first go around. Watching it for a second time, I was floored. You know when you see a gorgeous dress and you want it so bad you can actually feel it? That’s how I felt about the Givenchy collection. As Rachel Zoe would say, “It was everything.” You definitely have to watch the whole show HERE but first, let’s drool over my favorites…


*Something you don’t know about me? One of the designers that showed on Saturday was Haider Ackermann. I first heard about Haider Ackermann when I saw him backstage at the Janet Jackson concert in Paris. You may be wondering what I was doing at a Janet Jackson concert in Paris of all places and what was I doing backstage? So, all of you know that I have two best girlfriends, Yolanda and Jenny. But, what you may not know is that I have a best guy friend as well and he happens to be Janet Jackson’s brother, Randy. We have been friends since I was 18 years and I love him with all of my heart and he loves me with all of his heart. We have a special endearing game that we like to play on the telephone. It’s called, “Who’s Family Is More Fucked up This Week.” It’s a really fun game to play. We usually tie. I was the first person Randy called after his brother, Michael, died and Randy was the first person I called after my brother, Matt died. We have a very special bond and we tell each other everything and we sometimes laugh and laugh and laugh and sometimes cry and cry and cry. Randy and I have a mutual love for food. We have been going out to dinner together since the 80s. Sometimes we order one of everything on the menu and totally pig out and couldn’t care less who is watching. Randy is definitely a kid at heart and one of my funniest memories of him is when we were staying at a hotel in New York and I went downstairs to join him in the gym. I walked into the gym and there was Randy on the treadmill watching Dora the Explorer cartoon without a care in the world.

 Randy and I in New York 2011. Yes, I know I look ugly.
Randy at The Ritz-Carlton Bar New York
Randy on the treadmill watching Dora the Explorer

Randy is also Gracie’s godfather and he always lets her do anything she wants. She always gets to pick the restaurants, he always lets her drive his fancy cars, and he always takes her out for dessert and tells her to stand up straight. Randy refuses to believe that I am dying of ALS. He would do anything to keep me alive. After my diagnosis, Randy was hell-bent on finding a cure for me anyway and anywhere he could. My sweet Randy told me one day to get ready because we were going on a trip. He told me to meet him at his parent’s house with David and prepare for a two day trip. When we got to his parent’s house, yes, the famous house that the Jackson 5 grew up in, there was Randy waiting for me next to a huge RV. At first, I just started laughing and said, “Oh My God, where are we going and who is driving that thing?” Randy said that we were going to Arizona because he wanted me to see a doctor there and yes, he was going to drive the RV. That my friends, is called love.
So, back to the Janet Jackson concert. Randy always invites me to his sister’s concerts and I think he gets a kick out of how excited I am because it’s Janet Jackson for God’s sake! Randy usually sleeps through them. I usually sing-along through the entire concert. Randy couldn’t go with me to the concert in Paris so he said I could take my friends and David, which I did. Christian Louboutin sat in front of us and after the concert, we were invited backstage. There was Janet, (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) hugging and talking up a storm to some chic looking guy. It turns out it was Haider Ackermann! Apparently she is a big fan and wears a lot of his collections. So that, my friends, is how I know about Haider Ackermann.

My friends Ann-Lise, Christophe and me at the Janet Jackson concert in Paris 2011.

 Gracie and Randy in New York
Randy asleep at his own sister's concert in New York.


  1. Omgosh, fregging hilarious, you fancy schamacy girl....glad you got is simply grey here, Florida, seems like the longest winter I can remember....I sure would love to visit you...treats of junk food will have their own suitcase for the trip....aww maybe just ship them....xo

  2. you are beautiful

  3. You are definitely the winner in the six degrees of separation game. Kevin Bacon must be so jealous. But then you probably know him too, so he probably isn't jealous but it would really tangle up the flow chart.

  4. Is there no one you don't know? Luff it that Randy sleeps during the concert, so funny.

    Meanwhile, I love that beaded burgundy Givenchy frock and I just know that we'll see it on the red carpet somewhere but what in God's own name is that stuff all over their faces? And why?

    Glad you ventured out. Lucky you having access to such high end people watching.

    Take care x

  5. So entertaining, as usual, and no you did not look looked fabulous!

  6. OMG ,the surprises that you come up with! And that pic of you is not ugly, that's one of the sweetest smiles I've seen. So good that you enjoyed a day out in beautiful paris. By the way, I'm coming to paris in June. All the way from India.

  7. Ellie loved all of this. Your commentary always makes your posts. I have to say Randy sounds like a sweetheart. Thanks for the review of the collections and it may be the California girl in me, but I adore all the Chloe. The crazy face jewelry ruined the Givenchy for me and Hubert would be rolling in his grave if he saw that!! Love Ungaro too because of the 80s - so reminds me of that time! Glad you got to have fun and see all the excitement. Clearly you deserved the mac n'cheese after!! xx Kim

  8. I love your posts.How can anyone go from Paris fashion week to Randy Jackson with mac and cheese in the middle and come out the other side covered in glory.Only you could pull it off.Keep going strong. Liz 2B

  9. Dear Ellie

    Here in the UK the BBC was set up to educate, entertain and inform. It's very good, but it doesn't always hit the mark. Since I first read your blog on a recommendation in the Gardener's Cottage, I have been educated, entertained and informed by every post I've read. You could teach them a thing or two. Keep on squeezing the best out of life, and writing, and name dropping (THE JACKSONS!) and making me smile and think and tweak my recipes. Please. Wishing you all the best. xx

  10. Good lord Ellie... you are GORGEOUS. Wonderful post.. loved the story about Randy.


  11. New drug for ALS We all want a cure for you.

    Nicholas Grillo just posted an update on the petition you signed, Lisa Murkowski: FDA Accelerated Approval of Genervon's GM604 for Use In ALS

  12. Happy to Know there is one Jackson who isn't messed up! Randy sounds like a best friend we'd all want to have by our side. Loved your choices of shows. I too loved the Givenchy look, in spite of the faces. Keep spring going, as I plan to be there is April. I just love the Chestnut trees in bloom at that time.

  13. Thank you Ellie for always making my day!! Hoping and praying you have a happy healthy day!! xo xo

  14. Ellie you have the kind of personally that attracts people to you and keeps them there! You look great and you are also leaving a huge imprint on our world! I love hearing your stories and memorable occasions! The Givenchy collection; incredible, I want it all! Could not look at the faces though!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. Love the Givenchy show! But, whoever thought the stuff on the models' faces added something to the show needs some serious counseling. If one finds even one good, REAL friend in a lifetime, that's really saying something! Randy seems to be one of this kind of friend to you. So hilarious about him sleeping through her concert. So glad you got out and about and enjoyed yourself.

  16. AND YOU MADE TIME for ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Just when I think I can no longer be surprised - BAM POW. Randy Jackson! My goodness, you have an interesting life! Love the clothes too. Would kill for the 3rd Givenchy frock.

  18. Wow! Happy to hear that you got out for a bout of Paris sunshine.
    Your birthday must be soon too...cannot wait until you tell us how you are planning to celebrate...I have a hunch that it will be a very special even make mac n cheese sound elegant!
    Paris Fashion models and hanging out with the rich and famous...
    you do know how to live life to the fullest Ellie.

  19. OK. Is it possible that Givenchy's, "WTF I have a tarantula crawling up my nose" face jewelry is a stroke of genius (?) Was he thinking, I made you look, made you look! It was distracting but you HAD to watch it a few times to see the brilliant beauty of the fashion. A pondering perplexity indeed.

    Your phone game (WFIMFUTW) with Randy cracked me up. I think a lot of us could join right in ;) He does sound sweet. Gracie has a Godfather and you have an Angel! As always, thanks for sharing.

  20. The Givenchy clothes are beautiful. The Givenchy make-up(?) is stupid. If the clothes weren't so fab, the hideous make-up(?) would have ruined the clothes.

  21. RJ- and Dora! Who knew? LOL

    I read this today and thought about you/your blog:

  22. You know, I don't use the word blessed often but wow have you been blessed with some amazing true friendships! It says a lot about you... :)

  23. You & Randy are lucky to have each other...but is there anyone you don't know?? :) by the way a family friend has walked for Galliano for as long as I can remember & did
    again this yr...she lives in Paris and is simply
    lovely & fabulous....xo