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Keep Up! The First Three Days of Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 Roundup!

Well if you missed your flight to Paris at the beginning of the week, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Paris Fashion Week did not start off with a bang. If you arrived to Paris, went out all night, and missed Wednesday’s Fashion Week morning schedule, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much either. Hopefully though, you pulled yourself together by the afternoon to make the 3 PM Dries van Noten show. Day three (Thursday) was rocking with Balmain and Lanvin. Let’s check out these three shows, shall we?

Dries van Noten is a Belgian designer whom I love two-fold because I adore his designs and I adore his Parisian shop because it is filled with his collection and antiques. To describe yesterday’s show at the Hotel de Ville I would have to say… “If you were invited to Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas’ Left Bank Parisian apartment at 27 rue de Fleurus for an early evening aperitif, you could choose any one of van Noten’s pieces and look smashing.” Navy blues, burgundy with fabulous floral neck pieces. The shoes were brilliant booties with a great heel. But what I also loved about the show is how van Noten chose strong independent women singing their hits a cappella… Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kate Bush, Missy Elliott and Debbie Harry. The only background music was the click of the models heels. Loved it! To check out the whole show click HERE. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite looks from the show…


Wunderkid Oliver Rousteing for Balmain did not disappoint at Thursday’s show. This show is strictly for the cool kids. My favorite Kardashians were all over the it. (Yes, don’t be so surprised, I love the Kardashians. All of them). Kim showed off her new blond locks and Kendall walked the show with her BFF, our chic and sweet Gigi. Emerald green, purple, orange, sapphire and marigold were the predominant colors. And believe it or not, Miss Non-Flashy Ellie, absolutely adored the fringe looks! You can watch the whole fabulous show HERE… But first, check out my favorite looks…


Lastly, today, we have my beloved Lanvin. I absolutely adore everything about Lanvin… The designer, Alber Elbaz, the collections, the shop windows, the logo, the perfect French blue boxes… Everything! One of the oldest fashion houses of Paris, Lanvin seems to always have one foot in the classical past and one foot in the stylish future. For this collection, Elbaz interpreted his Moroccan roots with a rather eclectic boho brush. You know this girl loves a good tassel! Jessica Michault of Now Fashion describes the collection… “The colorful three-dimensional passementerie of a caftan was transferred onto pants or fitted coats. The tassels of a Fez hat became the diagonal fringing on dresses, or ornamented the end of rope belts. While peasant blouses grew into fluid voluminous dresses, which the designer grounded with interesting leather harnesses that embraced just one side of the body. “ All I can say was that it was absolutely lovely lovely lovely. You should definitely check out the whole collection HERE. My favorite looks? Here they are…


Voilà! The best of the first three days of Paris Fashion Week. Stay tuned for my roundup tomorrow with Balenciaga, Christian Dior and a few more surprises.

A toute!


  1. Paris Fashion week has never been on my radar, I'm just an ordinary CT country girl, but I just watched the first video (mostly for the music you mentioned) and was surprisingly moved by the beauty of the experience. Thanks so much for sharing the loveliness!

  2. Whoa, fabulous, thanks for sending the show videos, watched all of the fabrics and on and on and on.......loved your shared post about "The Girls" staying at your home, food, what a diet...a stick I could never be @ 5'5"....I'm curvy, not over weight,
    just, it is what it is....I dream to come to Paris...Provence to live......ha ha ha.....xo...

  3. DVN..............I could wear it ALL!Those long coats and flowers about the neckline.........all stunning!MY poor neighbors........I'm already a bit ECCENTRIC................could you imagine if I walked out the front door like this...............MIGHT HAVE TO TRY!

  4. I have always want the Lanvin boxes lined up in my closet.

  5. Replies
    1. Dear Angus, how can you not love the Kardashians? They are a close knit family, they are funny, they are real and thank God for Kanye because now they dress better. How could you not love someone for making zillions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing? To me, that's brilliant. XOXO

  6. Lanvin and Balmain I could wear anything in these fabulous collections!!
    Ellie thanks for sharing all of this wonder!
    The Arts by Karena

  7. Love it all - fabulous wearable picks!!

  8. Oh now that was VERY fun. Thank you, Christina Binkley, I mean Ellie. ;) While the Dries and Lanvin shows were exceptionally beautiful (as always but even more so) I was surprised by absolutely loving the Balmain show. I think that is the first show from that house that is both pertinent and yet totally true to its roots that I have seen in a really long time. Left me dreaming about what it must be like to be the woman that wears those clothes in real life!