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Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015: Ellie's List

 Gigi walking Balmain today.
Fashion. Ahhh, fashion. Sorry, but I have a lot to say about this…

I have a little secret. When I was living in New York in 2010/2011 I lived in a fabulous apartment building on the Upper East Side. We called it Paris in New York. My upstairs neighbor happened to be Fern Mallis. Madame Mallis was the Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and created New York Fashion Week. In the fashion world, it was basically the equivalent of having Anna Wintour of Vogue living above me. Every day, Madame Mallis Women’s Wear Daily newspaper would arrive at 6 AM. I would walk my dog at approximately 7 AM, grab her newspaper, walk to Central Park, sit on a bench sipping my coffee and I would read her entire Women’s Wear Daily. I would do so ever so gingerly without spilling my coffee on it and then I would ever so carefully refold the newspaper, walk home, and plant it back on its exact spot in the lobby of our building on the black Chinoiserie table. Shhh,… Don’t tell.

My take on fashion is basic. I don’t want to look stupid. I don’t do trends. I don’t want to look like a clown. I like the classics with a little bit of edge thrown in. I appreciate tailoring. I know what colors look good on me and yellow is not it. I don’t like flash. Sexy is good, whore is not. I do not follow fads. I like femininity with a hint of masculine.

I Don’t Love:

Chunky Heels

Statement Necklaces

Crop Tops

High Waisted Jeans

Low Waisted Jeans

Birkenstocks… Never have, never will

Maxi Skirts


Gladiator Sandals

Nonmatching lingerie

Rings on pointer finger

Platform Heels

Long pointed fingernails with blue, coral, or yellow nail polish

I Do Love:

Leopard Print

Cashmere Fitted Turtlenecks

Roger Vivier Flats


Skinny Jeans


Denim… White, blue, black



Chunky knits


Skinny diamond ring/band on thumb or pinky finger but not at the same time


Skinny Belts

Tailored Trousers

Short manicured fingernails… Deep dark burgundy, grey, beige


Designers that I love:
(Everything in pink is a link to the website)

Galliano even though he is a douche bag

and the obvious Valentino, Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent


Designers that I don’t love:

Rick Owens

Issey Miyake

Yohji Yamamoto

Sonia Rykiel

Roberto Cavalli

Stella McCartney

Marc Jacobs

Herve Leger


Fashion blogs/bloggers/fashion writers/fashion websites that I love:
(Everything in pink is a link to the website)


Chic as shit fashionistas:
(Everything in pink is a link to the website)


My Favorite Street Style Websites:
(Everything in pink is a link to the website)

Okay, now that we’ve got that straight… Let’s get into fashion week. Tomorrow we will start with the shows… Stay tuned.


  1. I love what you love!......Our styles are pretty much identical..... although, mine is a little more budget minded. HA!...Thanks for a great post! Janie

  2. If we could all just keep in mind that, "Sexy is good, whore is not," per your wise advice, we would all, as whole, look so much better. Tucking that one away for a later date for my very young daughter!

  3. YOU are FULL of STORIES and PEOPLE!How is the BOOK coming along??I think YOU should just make a book from THE BLOG.Someone should print and BIND it together.............I know I would ADORE looking at it for years to come!
    How exciting all your chums GIRLS on THAT RUNWAY!!!!!!!!!My skin has goosebumps and I don't even know them.I did send yesterdays POST to MY SONS and bragged a bit........"BOYS your mother is in contact with TWO of these MOM's do LOOK AT THE PHOTOS!!!!!!!"I told them they should READ the POST but somehow I think it will be a SCROLL DOWN ALL THE WAY.....and then a "HOW DO YOU KNOW THEM!!!!"
    MY ANSWER..........that silly little blog I do lead me to them...........TRA.....LA!!!

  4. I agree with nearly all your loves / don't loves, except for rings on the thumb. For some reason that feels to me to be in the same category as ankle bracelets, a definite no in my book.

    In my next life I want to come back as Ines de La Fessange.

    1. Fressange! (Auto-correct's spelling manipulations drive me crazy.)

  5. I like yoga pants, tube tops, hot pants, Lycra, layering cotton tank tops, vintage Sears Toughskin jeans (size Husky), guys in leisure suits, and shopping at Walmart.

    P.S I will be starting my fashion blog next week if anyone wants to follow me. I'm kinda stuck at the title...

    1. Is pleasantly plump the same thing as Husky?

    2. Ummmm ya...but the fact that you aren't familiar with Sears Tough Skin jeans and their sizing might possibly eliminate you from my exclusive world of fashion. I'm sensing you won't be able to appreciate my upcoming blog.

    3. May I suggest "Have Some Dewhoreum"?

  6. +1 to the dislike of Birkenstocks. I remember explaining why I hated them so much to a guy I worked with in my Office (he loved them) probably 14 years ago… I told him, "they're so ugly by wearing them it's saying to the world I've given up". Comfort does not overrule chic. And I don't care which big name designer tries to bring them in every few years in their collection… they're still ugly. Also loath index finger rings. Add toe rings to that one too for me.

  7. Fern Mallis?! This is one of your best posts ever because you drop that so subtle important little secret. Forget stealing her daily -- why weren't you following HER everywhere, everyday? I would have stalked her begging to be her assistant of whatever type -- for a day, then I'd probably get fired for trying to be her friend. She brings intellect into the fashion world (ironically I'm not at all into the world of modeling) and I hope she interviews Kanye on the Y and then tells know what.

    But have you seen the NEW Birkenstocks, patent and neon and all? I'm debating.

  8. You and I are pretty much on the same page, fashion-wise. But I have to plus-one your dislike of Stella McCartney. For some reason, the very thought of her makes me ill. She just seems like a nasty little bitch who I could punch in the mouth if I ever saw her. I don't feel like that towards many other people.

  9. Ellie it is astounding how much I agree with your list choices!!
    Cannot wait to see more on Paris Fashion Week! You have led a very interesting life!
    The Arts by Karena

  10. Complete agreement on all fronts.What about Oscar? xoxo Mary

  11. No Birkinstocks! And what is up with socks with them or any kind of sandal. So ridiculous.
    I mean, WHY, WHY, WHY???