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"I Am Super French."- Emmanuelle Alt

Super Chic Emmanuelle Alt
I had intended to do a blog today about Parisian Street Style during Fashion Week 2015 but honestly, I just couldn’t. I was looking through hundreds of photos and 99% of the fashionistas who showed up on the streets of Paris this past week looked like… How can I say this delicately … They looked like fools. The phrase “trying too hard” is an understatement. These people do not represent Parisians. I mean, I know it’s Fashion Week but must you look like a clown?

The woman that I always thinks represents Fashion Week best is Emmanuelle Alt. Mme. Alt is the current editor-in-chief of French Vogue and there is a reason why. She encompasses everything that we love about a Parisian woman… Chic, demure, confident and a wee bit mysterious. With her signature look of skinny jeans, Saint Laurent heels, T-shirt and a Balmain jacket, Mme. Alt acts her age and reminds us that fashion is not here to shock, only inspire. There is a great article in the Telegraph by Kate Finnigan chronicling the virtues of Emmanuelle Alt. As I am coming up on my 45th birthday, I especially appreciated Mme. Alt’s views on growing old gracefully… “She's not interested in the magazine being a vehicle for youth either. "What we shoot in Vogue is expensive stuff. It's very luxurious and it goes with an age, I think," she says. In the May issue, one of France's best-loved actresses, Sophie Marceau, 46, appeared on a sort of pop-artish cover against an orange background in a pair of black La Perla pants and a black Ralph Lauren sweater. It wasn't a summer look, it wasn't one of the key looks of the season (or anything near): it was a beautiful fortysomething woman in her knickers and a sign of a fashion magazine doing its own thing.”

You can read the whole article HERE.

So instead of looking at photos and a bunch of “look at me, high-fashion clowns” during Paris Fashion Week, let’s rise to the occasion and focus today on the style of Emmanuelle Alt who is always the epitome of Parisian chic before fashion week, during fashion week and after fashion week.



 I found this awesome website called I Want to Be an Alt that stalks all things Emmanuelle Alt. You can check it out HERE. What are Mme. Alt’s favorites? Voilà…

 Maison Michel Fedora
 Balmain Crystal and Faux Pearl Embellished Velvet Blazer
 Uniqlo Classic Men's Tee
 Topshop Skinny  Jeans
 Balmain Hommes Leather Belt
 Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff
 Isabel Marant Poppy Pumps
 Diptyque Figuier Candle
Prada Infusion de Fleur D'Oranger
There are a few other women who managed to come to Paris Fashion Week with their high-fashion A game… Olivia Palermo, Giovanna Battaglia and Miroslava Duma. These three women, in my humble opinion, manage to respect fashion without going overboard. Take a look…



I put together a board of Parisian Street style on Pinterest. You can check it out HERE. I also put together a semi-stalker-ish Pinterest board on Emmanuelle Alt as well that you can follow HERE.

So that’s it for my Paris fashion week Roundup. That was fun. We will do it again in July for haute couture. Now, let’s get back to decorating and cooking. Do you guys want to see the antique shop I had called Circa with my mother in Santa Barbara? After that, we will get back to our list of the dishes you should master. I think we are on pesto. Stay tuned…

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel


  1. Yes, yes, yes - I so want to see Circa. Great post. Barbara

  2. I absolutely not only want to see Circa but I want you to tell us all about it must have been just a wondrous place! And I'm an EA stalker also I just love her along with Ines de la Fressange, have you seen the handbag collection that she designed for Robert Vivier, love!!!!
    I have also found that Classic clean pieces work best and look good year after year.
    Thank you for another great read, I jumped up and did the happy dance when I saw that it was about EA!!!

  3. Excellent post! Mme Alt does have fab style and is my idea of the ultimate Parisienne and that group of 3 at the end are 3 goodies and have only recently discovered GB. Mira Duma has long been a fav.

  4. Yes, please, Ellie. I would love, love, love, (as Eloise from the Plaza would say) to see your Santa Barbara shop...and then onto Pesto!!!
    Sabrina in Port Townsend

  5. That WAS fun, Ellie! I kind of agree with you on the trying too hard, but I'm so far removed from that world that I really don't know what's 'too much'!
    Hope in Calgary

  6. Alt is one of my style icons. Thanks for the post and the links!

  7. Looking at these photos...I remembered all over again how crazily influential EA is and has been in terms of what we actually wear today. Madame Wintour may be pulling the (puppet) strings at American Vogue but who doesn't want to dress like Madame Alt? She looks vital, smart, sexy and effortless. Of course there are days when I want to curse her for the arrival and prevalence of skinny jeans...*sigh*

    Off to read the article (I stopped reading French Vogue during the CR years - too heroin chic for me and you know I like an edge) and of course add me to the clamoring list for a post on Circa!
    Sending much Love,

  8. Thank you so much Ellie. For a woman of a certain age Alt represents style and chic galore!!
    Truly an inspiration!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  9. Every time I am wrestling my way out of my damn skinny jeans...I get a visual of your "little nugget" peeling you out of crack me up!! xxoo

  10. I have the recent French Vougue issue as I am trying to improve my French lessons! This issue focuses on Paris fashion, style and Ines de la Fressange figures prominently...I am loving in so much more than the North American version.
    Pushing the fashion envelope has never been a priority for me personally...the young women who are dressing up for Fashion week are making a statement and saying look at me look at me! Perhaps they are hoping to get their pictures in the news or get a role in a film...

  11. DO I want to see CIRCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THAT WOULD BE A BIG FAT YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WILL KEEP UP!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm so glad we were not subjected to the fashion clowns. Wonderful choice to post about Mme. Alt.
    She always looks sharp and so together, truly inspiring! The blog entitled "I Want To Be An Alt", sounds like the one of the same title about Carine Roitfeld. She is also an amazing individual and well worth following during fashion week.

  13. If I wore a men's t shirt and skinny jeans people would think I'm butch. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

  14. Would love to see photos of Circa!

  15. My fave of that group has always been Giovanna Battaglia, always unique, mixes high and low with aplomb, and looks like fun, very approachable.

  16. Ellie,

    I treasure your posts. I can't decide which I enjoy more -- the juicy, tell it like it is sassy posts about your travails or ones which show your exceptional style acumen. You're a love for sharing your vision. I'm off to the Beverly Center to get Uniqglo tee shirts thanks to you. Xoxoxo, Maria

  17. Yes! I so want to see and hear about Circa! Great post!

  18. Love this, Ellie, E. Alt is one my favorite style inspirations, along with Ines DLF (I won't attempt the spelling). Every time I think I have too many neutrals in my wardrobe, a quick look at what they wear helps me see that it can work, as long as it's done well. And yes, tell us about Circa!

  19. Totally agree - some of these street style bloggers look ridiculous! Too much Try.

    Olivia Palermo always looks elegant. LOVE. Emmanuelle Alt. LOVE. And Giovanna... so much love.

    This post is spot on!

  20. I loved this post!! I couldn't get enough. I read it at least 3 or four times. I studied the pictures like I was cramming for an exam. Keep them coming....