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1stdibs Pick of the Week


The mecca of online antiquing.
Nothing can replace the sheer thrill of getting up early, grabbing a latte, stuffing your bag with cash, checks, tape measure, camera and iphone (to email pix of course) and rushing to be the 1st to get the "good stuff" at any flea market, brocante, marche aux puce, swap meet, tag sale, rummage sale, garage sale, or estate sale. BUT, if you are sick, are not in Europe, have exhausted the Rose Bowl, or hate your neighbors stuff, 1stdibs is the end all in online antiquing. Obsessively so, I have literally spent hours on 1stdibs finding things I did not even know existed or needed with a passion. I remember when ebay first started and I would find something and wait wait wait and bid and as I called it, "WIN!" My father would say to me, "You did not win. You paid the highest amount and have to pay for it so you did not win." But to me it was winning. 1stdibs is a bit more sophisticated than ebay as you are not in a bidding war with 'laliquelover' from utah.
1stdibs has everything and I love to see their newest listings every week. So, I thought I would do my "pick of the week" from 1stdibs newest listings.
Here goes:

1stdibs Paris

Candice Barnes

1stdibs Paris

1stdibs Paris

Les Pierre Antiques

The Antique and Artisan Center

Bourgeoise Boheme

Bourgeoise Boheme

Jacqueline Adams

1stdibs Paris


That's it for this week.

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