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Les couleurs de la "Côte France"

Côte France

This is a great company that makes "gen-u-i-ne" French furniture that adds some "pop" to a home. Cote France manufactures 17th, 18th and 19th century French furniture. Everything is handcrafted by one family of artisans since 1885. But the twist is that they have made some of their pieces modernized with  eye popping finishes in hot pink, plum, red and turquoise.

I could see this 'Commode LXV' as a pair of bedside tables in an otherwise modern room. It would also be chic up against a black lacquered wall.

The colors are fresh and modern.

This 'Buffet Regence' would make a great sink base. I love the color...plum. It would also look great, as a pair, in a library.

In a small home office, who wouldn't want a little excitement with one of these 'Bureau Regence?'

This pink fushia 'Commode Gabriel Faure LXVI' would be stylish in a teenagers room with a modern rug.

I would work better if I had this 'Secretaire De Chalon Regence.'

I would look better if I had this 'Coiffeuse Napolion III' make-up table.

Perfect little 'Commode LXV Poudreu' for a jewel box powder room, non?


Yes, white can be eye popping. I saw this 'Lit Bonaparte' in a design magazine years ago and I still love it. This would look pretty in a provencal style home with white linen sofas, pine herringbone floors, big giant pots with rosemary, thick flat braided jute rug, old or modern glass chandelier and gold mirrors.

Love the black and purple 'Bureau Dos D'Ane Louis LXV.'

Great coffee table
This company also manufactures the typical wood stain type of french furniture buy why bother when you can add furniture with a pop!

Visit their website at:

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