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I was in a clothing store in the Notting Hill neighborhood and I was suddenly "overcome" with a scent that had wafted into my air space. It was the absolute most heavenly smell of warm, rich, lucious, hypnotizing milk chocolate. I am not a cookie, candy, cake, bon bon chocolate lover but I was, again, "overcome." I had to follow that smell. It was coming from a darling little perfectly English white townhouse of a shop called MELT. 

They had me at the door.

The entire design/merchandising/concept was fantastic.
"...the cool minimalism of Melt, an elegant lab-like boutique in London's Notting Hill that looks like a branch of Space NK than a bonbonnerie." Metro Newspaper

My favorites at Melt were these little Melt Drinks Stirs.
Made of 4 different single origin chocolate...Venezuelan, Caribbean, Madagascar, Columbian
You stir these in hot milk and cream. So cute!!!!
I never actually had the chance to try it out because it was the dead of summer and I wanted to save it for my daughter. These travelled with us from London to Annency to Spain and then when I was ready to give it to my daughter, I pulled it out and it was covered in sunscreen from my bag. I was and am still devastated.

Visit Melt at:
59 Ledbury Road
Notting Hill
W11 2AA

or online at:

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