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Note to self: Save Venice

Venice is sinking 
The Save Venice Foundation is dutifully trying to salvage the glorious treasures of the city. The foundation's awesome website shows what historical artifacts are in need of repair, whether it be a painting or an entire church.  The website further explains the history of the piece in need of restoration, the scope of the project, the proposed treatment of the project and who is sponsoring the project. 
If you have been lucky enough to visit this city you know the awe of it, the allure of it, the depth of it, and hopefully the need to save it.

Currently, The Church of San Sebastiano is one of the monuments in Venice that is need of repair. The church dates from 1505. The famed Paolo Veronese paintings on canvas are threatened by decay. It is Save Venice to the rescue by pledging a muti-year effort to save the church and the canvases. This project in in need of additional funding! Talk about a worthy cause.

These ain't no regular ole benches.
 These are 16th and 17th century walnut and cherry benches located in the Scola Tedesca which is a synagogue founded in 1528 by German Askenazi Jews and they need love! The benches have woodworm infestation that is threatening to deface completely their finely carved surfaces. The restoration project needs $9000 to complete the project. 

Interestingly,  Save Venice has a Young Friends of Venice chapter that introduces 20 and 30 somethings to the "artistic patrimony of Venice and to instill in them the desire to help preserve her timeless treasures." Furthermore, the group funds the students of the Instituto Veneto Restoration School to restore the projects. So, in doing this Young Friends of Venice helps finance the restoration of significant work AND supports the training and education of future restorers as well. Its a win win!
Check out the website, it is facinating.

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